The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action VDPA say: “the human rights of women and the girl-child are an inalienable, integral and indivisible part of universal human rights. The full and equal participation of women in political, civil, economic, social, and cultural life, at the national, regional, and international levels and the eradication of all forms of discrimination on the grounds of sex are priority objectives of the international community”. Women’s rights are nowadays recognized by everyone yet not given. Every woman needs to know her rights and demand it. Here are basic rights of women.

1. Health:

women rights

Health is the primary right of all human beings. Let it be man or woman. Health, for both, is important to live a happy life. One can live their life to the fullest if they have good health. They can fulfill their duties and take care of their responsibilities when they are healthy, physically and mentally. We,even in the modern world of today, still don’t understand the importance of mental health and don’t accept it as a real-life phenomenon that needs attention and medical care. Especially for women who have a hectic life and more responsibilities who suffer more mentally. They need primary mental health care. This is one of the most basic women’s rights.

2. Education:

Napoleon once said, “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of civilized, educated nation.” Education is the primary right, as well as the need for women. A woman who will be responsible for the education of her children can best teach them the proper way of living and moral values if she knows them by herself. This can only happen if she is educated.

3. Security:

It is medically proven that women are less muscular than men and thus need the protection of the muscle of man. They should be protected by men. Whereas what we find in today’s world is that these same men who are supposed to protect them are the ones who cause trouble for them, harassed them, abuses them. Women have the right to have security.

4. Freedom of Movement:

In some parts of the world, women are not given the right of free movement. They either are supposed to be accompanied by a man if she wants to go somewhere or requires the permission of a man. As a human, she can and has the right to move freely and go wherever she wants without the supervision or permission from a man, just as a man doesn’t require permission from a woman.

5. Freedom from Discrimination:

Many women in the world are discriminated against on the basis of their gender which is completely wrong. They might be physically not equal to men, but they have their own abilities and are in no way less than men. They have their own capabilities and their own skills and qualities where they can prove their upper hand over man just as man has proven their upper hand in some qualities to women.

6. Right to Vote:

Having the right to vote for a leader in the place where a person lives is their basic right, irrespective of the gender. Women live and face the same problems and will have the same luxuries as men when it comes to the state or region they live in. Based on this statement, women have the right to vote and demands for their implementation.

7. Equal Earning:

We have seen many cases where men are paid higher for less work as compared to women, who work more and get paid less (I am.not saying this happens everywhere, but the existence of this problem can’t be ignored). As equal humans, women have the right to be paid proportional to the work services they provide.

8. Opportunities to Grow:

When it comes to opportunities, it is one of the basic women’s rights to have equal opportunities for growth and promotion based on their abilities. The scale of performance based on which opportunities for growth are given should be the same for men and women.

9. Right of Having Opinions:

Women have their own brain and the capacity to think and differentiate between good and bad. Having this ability leads to requirement of the right of having an opinion. This opinion can be political, philosophical, or social or related to any other phenomena.

10. Choosing Their Life Partner:

Women have to spend their life with their partners just as men have to live theirs. So if men have the right to decide who they want to have for the rest of their life, do women. They should have the right to know the person they have to marry and then decide if she would be able to live her life happily. If she already knows a man she wants to marry, her choice needs to be taken seriously since she as an adult would know how would life turn out to be with a specific man.

11. Freedom From Harassment:

Women being physically less strong are often the target or harassment. They need an environment where they can live without the fear of being harassed or abused. This fear and insecurity overcome their mentally healthy state and causes a significant decrease in productiveness. When the productiveness of half of the population of the world (the women) decreases, it would automatically affect the productivity of the world very negatively.

12. Ownership of Property:

Women need a secure place for themselves where they will be at ease. They have the right to inherit property from their parents and have the right to equal shares in the husband’s property. They also have the right to buy property by their own earnings.

13. Sexual Rights:

This is the area where women face the most discrimination. In some parts of the world, they are not given the right to consensual sexual intercourse. They face the issue of forces pregnancies and are abused during the process of childbirth. Men have been forcing themselves on women who don’t give consent for sexual intimacy. They have been forced to marry and consummate their marriages, nowadays the heated discussion is on the topic of giving rights to report marital rape, and it should be declared a crime which has a proper punishment.


Half of the population of this world is composed of women, and they should be given equal rights to live their life the way they want. Although women of the modern world are given many of these rights, there’s still a long way to go in the process of giving women’s rights to them as much as they deserve it.

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