Society standards say if you have imperfections, you are flawed. But what if I told you, your imperfections make you look more attractive? You need to accept yourself as you because we are all born imperfectly yet beautiful in every way.

Laugh Lines:

Laugh lines are the wrinkles you get around your lips and eyes when you laugh. Says who laugh lines are flaws? They are the most perfect imperfections. Do you know how do you get laugh lines? By laughing! Yes, by laughing. Our skin will age with time, we cannot undo that process, we will all get laugh lines, but that does not mean they are flaws. They are perfect imperfections. Do not let anyone ever tell you your laugh lines are flaw; they are the proof of you having a good time in your life and how happy you have spent it. Never be ashamed of something that has made you happy.


Flaws that may you attractive

Freckles are attractive. First things first, accepting your skin as it is, is very important. The marks we are born with are not flaws but our representation of beauty and attractiveness. We are made by God, and God always makes all his creations unique in their own way. Many people want to get rid of freckles when they actually make them look attractive. Show off your freckles with pride, nowadays a lot of people try making faux freckles just because of how attractive they look. So instead of hiding them or hoping they vanish, flaunt your beauty because YOU are unique and beautiful the way you are.

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are the big misconception of the standard of beauty. Says who everyone has a perfect skin with no mark. All these models and people behind the screen are filtered, edited, photographed with perfect lighting, covered with makeup to look perfect. Everyone has their own perfections. Many people get stretch marks from losing or gaining weight, from surgeries, pregnancy, or by birth, there are multiple reasons for getting them, but nowhere it means they are flaws. You are perfect with or without them; your marks don’t define the standards of beauty set by people who themselves have all these imperfections.


Flaws that may you attractive

A lot of women struggle with cellulite. Cellulite are not sexy; that is told to every girl when she gets a little thicker. Many people get them for different reasons, does that mean everyone is not beautiful because their skin got thicker? That is the most disturbing concept ever. Cellulite is sexy; you are sexy; you are beautiful with thick or thin skin. No one can tell you to get rid of them. These are your imperfections; show them off with pride.

Thick Buttocks:

Although thick buttocks are now a thing, many people are bullied for having thick buttocks by birth. Why do these double standards exist? You call a Botox thick bottom sexy, but someone having a naturally thick bottom is unsexy? Your body is perfect in its imperfect way. However, a person who is born should never feel ashamed of how they are because God has created you, and God makes no mistakes.

Bushy Brows:

Not all girls have thin and finely shaped eyebrows; many are born with fuzzy and bushy eyebrows. They feel insecure as people tell them your eyebrows are too thick; they look manly and what not. But you know what is attractive? Keeping your eyebrows the way they are. And for what it’s worth nowadays, people with thin brows make their brows thick by tints and extensions or draw them thick. Girls with thick eyebrows should flaunt their already trendy brows with a smile.

Big Nose:

Our beauty standards have this brutally criticized, enormous noses. People with big noses are made to do a nose job. Big noses are not ugly at all. Every person has a perfect nose for their perfect face. Nobody can tell them it is ugly. If for once we start loving ourselves the way we are, we would not follow these trends or be affected by them at all. Your nose is as attractive as you are. It looks more attractive when you have a sound nose.

White Hair:

Getting white hair is not unattractive at all. There are many reasons for getting white hair; it can either be hormonal imbalance or genetics. Either way, it does not mean you have to dye your hair just because you got white hair. Your hair is perfect the way they are. Getting white hair does not mean you are getting old or anything as stupid as you are losing a memory. It has its own scientific reasons. It is not a flaw but your attractiveness. white hairs are more attractive which are one of the signs of the top brains.

Body Hair:

Flaws that may you attractive

All humans have body hair. Do not be ashamed of having to show your body hair. We were not born hairless. These body hair have their own purpose to serve, and that is to regulate temperature. If someone tells you they look unattractive, you should ask them, how can a person look unattractive with something they are born with? It is up to people whether or not they want to remove them, but those who choose not to are attractive. Wear sleeveless or shorts, so what if your body hair shows, it was there naturally. Do not be ashamed of them.


Flaws that may you attractive

Scars are not flaws but blueprints of what you have been through. We bear a lot of scars from our childhood by playing games outdoors, some of us have got them by physical abuse, some got them by being bullied, while others got them by surgeries, etc. Every scar has its own story to tell. They are not unattractive at all. Don’t hide your scars, wear them proudly. They show what you have suffered and survived, and how brave you are that you wear them with pride.

Our imperfections are not flaws. They are what we are born with. Nobody is perfect; we are all imperfectly perfect in different ways. Never be ashamed of your imperfections. Accept yourself as you are, and you will be the most attractive person ever.

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Aimun is an in born writer and a critical thinker who enjoys nature, food and deep conversations about life. Aimun has written blogs for many national and international firms. She loves to engage with her audience and allows them to understand complex concepts in a simple way. She has achieved alot in small age and is on her way to becomming the writer of her dreams.