You need to pay attention to yourself before you seek others’ attention. You need to take time out for yourself to take care and pamper yourself in a caring, healthy way. Self-care does not at all mean you have to be selfish to others or be narcissistic but to give yourself the attention that you need. The care you provide others is what you should provide yourself first. Here is a self-care checklist, we have picked out 10 must-haves that you should definitely add to your list.


Take a Nap

nap for self care

Self-care means to pamper yourself, so do what you love to do. If you have been tiring yourself all day for weeks, without getting rest, now is the time you should. You can devote your day to being there for others but at the same time, do not forget about yourself. When you feel exhausted physically or mentally from being there for others, take care of yourself by taking a nap. See, self-care is done by the simplest of things like taking a nap. So schedule a time for a nap in your routine, and give yourself the rest you deserve.


Listen to Music

self care checklist music

Music affects your mood big time. Whether you are happy or sad, your ultimate go-to therapy is music. So take care of yourself by listening to music, it will make you feel better, even if you are listening to it in sadness, you will be accompanied by a good therapist. Self-care is to put the spotlight on yourself for some time, so if your day is going to get better by music, why not listen to it? You should listen to music at least daily, be it on your way to work, while exercising, cooking in the kitchen or any chores, or just relaxing in your living room, put a hood song on and relax to it.



meditate for self care

Meditation is a perfect example of self-care. Meditation not only relaxes your muscles and physical body but helps big time in your mental health. Just a good 20 minutes into meditation can relax your stress, tension, anxiety and worries. It is a mindful practice of focusing on something particular or relaxation which we call yoga. You not only gain mental stability from meditation but also helps a lot in keeping your body fit physically. So take care of yourself by meditating at least once a day or two. It will keep you healthy both ways.



exercise for self care

Like meditation, exercise is your next must-have on your self-care checklist. Exercise is a very healthy activity for your mind and body. Preferably, for your physical health but it has benefits beyond limits for your mental health. Studies have proven that daily exercising eases your stress, tension and depression. It affects your mood in a positive way. This is why doctors and therapists both recommend you exercising daily; not only it protects you from different kinds of diseases, but it also helps you be stable mentally. So why not exercise and have a strong immune system as well as strong mental health.


Accomplish a Goal

goal accomplishment is important

Setting a goal for yourself and after that accomplishing it is self care too. You must be wondering how? Well, if you set a goal for yourself, be it big or small, can be completing a task or as big as passing an exam. You work hard for it, you put your utmost best to achieving it, your mind finds ways to make it happen, and when you finally achieve it, you feel this rush of happiness that you have accomplished something you give your best to. It affects your mood in a very positive way. You feel you can do anything you put your mind into, so set a goal and work for it.


Spend Time With Friends and Family

friends and family time

Self-care really does not mean you disconnect from everyone around you. It means you need to give your mind and body attention where it is needed. Your friends and family are connected to you; one can obviously not be fine without his friends and family. So to make yourself happy, or have a good time, spend time with your loved ones. You need a break from all the school, college or work drama. Spend time with your family and friends to see for yourself how it affects your mood; it will brighten your day.


Do What Makes You Happy

being happy is important

Self-care is all about paying attention to what makes you happy. It is about focusing on what you love and what you want to do. It is about YOU! Your likes and dislikes. So make a list of all the things you love to do and do one thing at a time. For example, if you love reading books, take some time out from your busy routine to read at least a few pages of a book daily. Or if you love movies, take time out to watch a movie. It can be cooking or baking or painting. Do whatever makes you happy. That is the ultimatum of self-care.


Re-decorate Your Room

take care of your room

Another self-care checklist must have to redecorate your room. Sometimes, your room’s look bore you or dulls your mood. When that happens, know that it is time to rearrange the setting and try a different look. You can move around the furniture, change the color of your room or the furniture, decorating it with different decorations. It will affect your mood in a very positive way. Room redecorating also applies to your house. If you feel like you need to start all fresh, you can redecorate your house and feel better about it.


Eat Healthily

being healthy is self care

Self-care means taking care of yourself, which means taking care of what you eat because you want to stay healthy, and the only way you are staying healthy is by eating healthy. Whatever you feed your stomach with affects your mood and health both at the same time. If it is healthy, know that it will strengthen your immunity and give you a healthier lifestyle by being fit and fresh. It also affects your mood, yes, that is right; eating healthy does affect your mood. So take care of yourself and eat healthily.


Have Some ME Time

me time for self care

This is the detox you need when you have had enough of the outside world. Sometimes, the best therapy you need is to be by yourself; you can take a break from everyone around you focus on your well being for the moment. In other words, you can say it is a social detox, where you be there for yourself to figure out solutions for problems, to focus on what needs attention. Giving yourself some ME time will regain your strength back. It can include physical caring like getting a haircut, changing your look, manicure or pedicure, or just simply being by yourself and reading a book or cooking yourself the meal you like. Thinking about what is important for your physical and mental health. ME time is only dedicated to you to take care of yourself.



So that’s a wrap to the 10 must-have you must have on your self-care checklist. Give us your feedback on helpful did you find these in your managing self-care routine.

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