There are two types of people, one with a rich mentality and the other with a poor mentality. We’ll discuss the signs of poor mentality people, so if you ever come across any, you can help them. Or by any chance you have any of these signs, it’s never too late to improve yourself and your mentality. It will help you in making your life worthwhile.

Success is unimportant:

Poor mentality people have a very narrow concept about life. They do not believe in success; being successful is not important to them. They believe that successful people somehow got lucky and became successful, so why work for something which is not in your fate. And because of this, they never try to work hard or strive their way out of normal life; they don’t even try for success so how can they be successful.

Blames others:

They always blame others for their setbacks and failures. Failures are a part of life; instead of blaming it on others, you need to gather your strength, learn from your mistakes, and hit back harder, but unfortunately, poor mentality people do not think of failures this way. They never admit that they could have made a mistake, or they were not fully groomed. Everyone falls the first time they dive in, does not mean they give up and blame others. But poor mentality people do. They blame others for the setbacks and failures.

Signs Of Poor Mentality

Spends money:

They do not care for savings or investments. They don’t know how to handle their finances. Whatever they earn, they spend it without thinking of future or emergencies. They do not think whether or not to save some for investments. They spend money without even thinking whether or not it is useful for them or useless. They believe whatever income is earned is for now, and so it should be spent now.

Refuses to study:

Poor mentality people do not believe that further studies will benefit them. That is why most of them are a high school or college dropouts. They do not pursue a career. They refuse to study to specialize in a field so they can become something big and better. This mentality only limits them to small jobs and opportunities. Studying is the door to success; how can you be successful if you give up on studying. Giving up on studies is the most irrational decision anyone can make.


People with poor mentality only care about what they earn at that moment, they look for a better income, and wherever they find a bigger offer for income, they go for it. They don’t have a steady job; they don’t work for passion, they don’t want to start something from scratch that can secure their future, they don’t want to put effort, or invest in something that can make their future better. They are only income-driven; wherever they get more, they switch to that place.

Signs Of Poor Mentality

Causes problems:

Such people always cause problems, not only for others but for themselves as well. They are trouble makers as they have very restricted and narrow minds that do not allow them to think beyond. So oftentimes, they end up in creating problems for others and themselves. They are short-tempered, so they don’t even try to solve these problems. Such people are a nuisance to others and which is one of the reasons why they keep changing their job so quickly.


Another sign of a poor mentality is criticism. These people are quick to criticize others when they can’t do something themselves. They would rather belittle others than actually trying to make an effort to do something. You will find that such people will start to criticize anyone who does something good or achieves something. They criticize to bring them down, when they know they cannot achieve something as good as them.

Fears change:

People with poor mentality never want to leave their comfort zone. They don’t ever put any effort or struggle to change their life because they fear change. They stick to their same old average life without finding out what is out there for them. They spend their whole life without discovering what could have happened if they had struggled a little more for a better life, the tables would have turned for them, and they would have been successful. Such people just keep changing small job to job for a better income, but would never strive for something big themselves because they don’t believe they can.

Signs Of Poor Mentality

Thinks small:

Poor mentality people think small. They think about the present only and cling on to the past. They don’t believe that if they work hard, they can change their lives. Their mentality is limited; it only revolves around daily or monthly wage and, that’s it. They don’t think about investments or future savings, etc. Their mind cannot think beyond; they don’t step out of the boundaries their mind has set for them. The world is full of opportunities, but you can only avail them if you get out of your comfort zone for them. Nothing can be achieved by being in your comfort zone.

Wastes time:

People with poor mentality waste a lot of time. They spend most of their life on jobs that only pay them bare minimum. Instead of studying and working hard, they waste time on small jobs. They delay in availing any opportunity that comes to their hand. They think if they are going to be successful, they will just wake up one day and find themselves lucky, which is not true. No success comes overnight, you have to invest your time in it by working hard, but since such people keep wasting time on useless jobs, they miss their shot at being successful.

Signs Of Poor Mentality

If you are or know someone with any of these signs, you should help them in seeing the better picture for their own benefit. Clear their doubts so their mentality can improve. Please give us your feedback.

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