A person with a fixed mindset is one that believes that his talents and qualities are his fixed traits; therefore, cannot be changed or improved. They believe that these fixed traits will lead them to success without any external effort and struggle. The people believe that a person comes with intelligence and talent from within and does not need improvement or development. They have set boundaries for themselves in their mind which hinders them from moving forward and developing. A fixed mindset has the following qualities. If you have the signs mentioned below, you are one with a fixed mindset.


Avoid Challenges

fixed mindset signs

Such people avoid challenges. They avoid taking extra steps or a different road because they believe that taking challenges can be risky. And risks can end you up in a dead-end. But what are the chances of not ending up on a dead-end on a road that everyone else follows? Such people are of the opinion that you go where you are destined to be but would not try to take a challenge and make their own destiny. They have set limits on their journey.


Intelligence And Talent Are Fixed

fixed mindsets do not have a talent growth

People with fixed mindsets believe that intelligence and talent are naturally gifted; you cannot improve or develop your intelligence or talents. They document these traits rather than working on them and enhancing them even more and better. They believe that skills will not make you any intelligent or talented if you are not born with it. So they go with the saying that I can do better because I am born with it. They have put a halt on the development of their talents and intelligence which can stop them from improving.


Ignores Criticism

fixed mindset people don't take criticism

Such people never listen to others’ criticism. Criticism does not always have to be bad. Criticism can be constructive at times. And we need to ponder on such criticism to do better, to ratify the mistakes we have made before and come up with a much-improved version of ourselves. Fixed minded people are not of this opinion. They believe that criticism only lets you down, so ignore it. They believe what they do is gifted to them and no one can tell them they did wrong or need to do better because it was meant to be done by them. So such people ignore criticism, even if it is for their betterment.


Less Effort

no efforts makes fixed mindset

People with fixed mindsets do not put any effort, or if, when they do, they out very less effort into their work because of the belief that whatever is meant for them is already destined and nothing can change it, so they do not bother putting any effort to make it better. Such people believe that effort is for those who do not have the talent to do so, or the intelligence to crack the code, but since they do, they do not need to put any effort to gain. Therefore, fixed minded people limit themselves from trying to improve their abilities or putting effort into their work.


I Will Never Improve

fixed mindset means no improvement

Such people are so fixed on their traits they believe that they need no improvement. They believe that improvement is for the ones that do not have any talent or such intelligence traits. They are of the opinion that their fixed traits will take them along the road of success. People with fixed minds do not believe that this road will have impediments that will hinder them from moving further, and from bearing them, they have to improve their abilities. They believe they are naturally improved. No external improvement can make a change.


Gives Up Easily

giving up easily

Like said earlier, such people are of the opinion that you get what is destined to be yours without ever trying to make your destiny. So when they hit hard on their success route, we find them to give up easily. They have set limits and boundaries on their traits and minds which stops them from trying something to better their skills. They refuse to take a challenge or put an extra effort to get up, dust themselves off, and try harder, so they give up. People give up easily because of the limits they have set on their talent and intelligence traits and boundaries on their minds for thinking out of the box.


Why Should I bother?

why should i bother

You will always find fixed minded people saying why should they bother to do it differently, or to try a new way, or to put effort into it, or to take a challenge, or to improve their naturally gifted skills. You will find them reluctant to accept a change or to come out of their comfort zone and try something new and innovative. Such people always refuse to take a challenge or a shot at making themselves better and to improve themselves so they can do better.


I Am A Failure


When such people hit hard on their success route, they will complain instead of improving themselves. They will call themselves a failure after one time of failing. They refuse to accept the fact that the road to success is full of ups and downs, and that failure is a part of winning. Success is all about failing and trying again. But fixed minded people are of the opinion that once a failure, always a failure. One time failure makes them believe they have reached the end of it and they give up.


I Always Fail

i always fail attitude

Such failure leads to them complaining about how they always fail. But they never try to improve themselves. How will you avoid failures if you never try to improve your skills? When you refuse to put extra effort and energy into your talents, intelligence, and skills, you will not improve. You will tend to fail again and again unless you decide to improve it. Such people refuse to improve and complain about always failing then. And this shows you have a fixed mindset.


Threatened By The Success Of Others

threatened by the success of others

The most common sign of fixed mindsets is that they are always threatened by other people’s success. Instead of using others’ success as their motivation, they are threatened by it. They get insecure and jealous of what other people achieved, which they can achieve too if they try to make their minds limitless and allow themselves to be improved by so many possibilities. Such people are always found comparing themselves with others rather than working on themselves to make their skills better.



These are the 10 most common signs of a person with a fixed mindset. If you have any or all of the signs, then you are a fixed minded person. Therefore, to stop being a fixed minded person, you have to break the barriers, limits and boundaries you have set on your mind and start to think out of the box. Allow your mind to grow by taking new challenges.


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