Every year we make resolutions that we really never fulfill. Before the new year starts, we are too overwhelmed with excitement that we make dozens of resolutions, which are quite hard to give a kick start to. And as the year starts, our motivation and excitement fade for it day by day because they are just too many. So it is better to narrow your resolutions list down to 10 things to do before the year ends, be it a simple and small task. You will feel accomplished when you do it before the year ends. Simple and easy tasks will make you excited for the bigger plans you have on the table. So we came up with 10 things that you must do before this year ends, they are not that hard to achieve, just needs a clear mindset to get them done.


Decide To Be More Focused

focus before the year ends

This year, try focusing on the important issues, like being more focused on starters. When you decide to be more focused, you will be able to make decisions easily. Your friends and family will not complain about you being flaky and indecisive. When you put your focus onto something, it easily gets done. You can easily come up with a decision. Whether it is work, school, health, family, relationships, anything, if you put your 100% focus on making it work out, you will get it done. So decide to be more focused, give your undivided attention to what you love, be it a person or your goals.


Be More Proactive

be proactive before the year ends

Adopt proactivity this year. This will save you from work damage or relationship damage. Normally, people are reactive to whatever situation that comes to their hand, and because of the reactive nature, they always make it worse than it already is. People cannot think straight or make the right decision when they are reacting to an uncalled situation. While proactivity makes you be well prepared before any such situation hits your way. It prepares you for the worst and the best case scenarios beforehand, so you don’t have to make wrong decisions when the going gets tough. Proactivity will help you work for your aims and goals instead of waiting for the perfect moment. To be more proactive.


Celebrate Your Wins From Last Year

habit of celebration before the year ends

It is always a great day to celebrate your wins, be it from last year. We cry over our failures more than we give ourselves some appreciation for our wins. So for this year, make a promise to yourself to celebrate your wins whether from last year or this year. And use them as your inspiration to win again this year. You need some validation from yourself before you get from others.


Plan a Trip And Execute It

travel before the world ends

New year’s alternative plans. Yes, we all make plans but ever wondered how many of us actually execute them? The number would be less than the minimum. Anyway, before this year ends, if you have planned a trip already or not, they plan one. And make it happen, or work to make it happen. You must execute a plan this year. If it is to explore your country or overseas, then invest in your savings or your necessary dressing for your trip. You. Must. Execute. It. That should be the goal.


Get Your Health in Order

be healthy before the year ends

Health is wealth. We cannot stress enough on this quote. Your health should be a top priority. If you were not serious about your health until now, you better should be this year. Start from the minimum, for example, getting yourself checked by your doctor regularly. Consuming more greens and organic food for a strong immune system and faster metabolism. Exercise daily, you need to be physically and mentally fit. Exercise helps you with both fitness. You should never compromise your health by eating the wrong food or engaging in unhealthy activities. This year, be serious about it.


Read a Book or Two

read books the year

Books are always on our list. Let’s be honest. Even right now, you have tons of books on your reading list but never had enough time to read any of them. This year, make a promise to yourself that you will at least read one or two books definitely. Trust me. You will feel accomplished after reading a book or two before the year ends. Books are our escape, but most of the time, we really do not get enough time to read them. So before this year ends, get lost in the imaginary world of books for your own detox escape, you will feel much better after you do. Maybe, you will get excited to read even more.


Volunteer Your Time to a Cause

volunteer for a cause

Social welfare work should not only be a task from school or college for your credit hours. In fact, you should invest your time by volunteering for an actual cause. It can be anything like spending time at an orphanage in an old age home. Baking cupcakes, or cooking some food for homeless people. Donating or collecting donations for clothes for underprivileged people, planting trees to make the environment green. There are a lot of causes. You can find one which suits you and invest your time in it. You will learn a lot from such a volunteerism experience.


Put Your Finances in Order

keep your finances in order

The major thing to do this year is to make a list of your finances, where  does your savings go and what you spend on. Make a list of your necessary items, only what is necessary and not when you know it is not needed. You will save a lot of your money by restraining yourself from unnecessary shopping. Same goes for food, only eat outside when you don’t have food at home. Don’t spend on something you know you will not eat or use, don’t waste products as well as your money. For a much professional chase, make a savings account in a bank, and start investing.


Let Go of Toxicity

let go of toxicity

Most of the time, you don’t realize you are too deep in toxic relationships. Whether it is your partner, family, or friends, or even yourself, that is the cause of the toxicity. You must let it go. Sometimes it is not the second person, but your own toxic traits that make your relationships go down the road in a turmoil. Before this year ends, start with your own toxic traits first, let them go. And then with others.


Reconnect With Yourself

reconnect with yourself

It is never very late to reconnect with yourself. We always forget to look after ourselves, our soul, in the midst of looking over everyone else. This drains the energy we have within us. We lose ourselves somewhere in the middle, and start to feel empty from time to time till we feel numb and nothingness. So before you reach that point, start to reconnect with yourself. Take days off from people and work to look after yourself. You need some attention from yourself.



So these were the 10 things to do before this year ends. If you have more interesting things on your list, please share it with us in the comments.


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