There are many Things You Can Control In Your Life, but you fail to even care about them, and the aftermath then affects you  in many ways. Here’s a list of the things you can control in your life.

  1. Your Emotions:

things to Control In Your Life

You can control your emotions by acknowledging them before reacting to emotional triggers. Emotional triggers can be a person or a happening of an event, or anything else. They trigger our emotions, and we tend to react to them without thinking where they are coming from or what could be the outcome of our reaction. So before reacting we need to think twice. It doesn’t mean you bottle up emotions, that is unhealthy entirely. You need to figure out a healthy outlet, that can be a friend or someone close you trust to share your feelings with, or a therapist/counsellor to help you out on how to deal with your emotions. But remember, emotions can be controlled.

  1. Your Thoughts:

10 Things You Can Control In Your Life

Like mentioned in emotions, you need to think twice before reacting, which shows that you can have control over your thoughts. The brain is yours, whatever you think is what you want to think. If you have negative thoughts coming to your mind, it is because you are letting those in your mind. If you think about the positive, you are letting your brain to feed only positivity. It all depends on what you want. Whatever we think is what we see, or want or experience. Sometimes, our first thoughts are what we have been seeing in the world, or what people have been feeding our brains so we tend to think that way instantly. But if you find that unsettling, you will catch yourself thinking twice, and the second thought is wholly generated from your view. It is your controlled thought. So take control of what you think, allow your brain to think good and right.

  1. Your Honesty:

 Control In Your Life

Your honesty is in your control because it is in your hands whether to be truthful or dishonest. Whether you want to benefit the person by telling them the truth and saving them from some grave danger, or by benefiting yourself for time being and being dishonest. Being honest is a choice and you are the master, you are capable of making the choice between honesty and dishonesty. You can control your honesty. If you want others to be aware of what could happen, or what has happened, you should choose to be honest to them. That is how you control your honesty, by choosing it.

  1. Your Perspective:

things you can control in life

How we perceive things are entirely in our control. Perceptions are thoughts too, so if you can control your thoughts, you can control your perspectives about things, people, places and events happening. Perception is mostly based on what we see, so whatever is shown to is we tend to think that way. But it can be controlled if we want to look deeper and behind the curtains. We get a whole new picture of a case. Like it’s said not to judge a book by its cover. We see the cover, we are not attracted by it, we automatically perceive it to be boring. But it’s what’s inside that matters, so if you change your perspective about judging a book by it’s cover, you will know what actually lies beneath the cover.

  1. Who You Choose To Be Friends With:

things you can control in life

A man is known by the company he keeps. This saying states the fact that whatever type of friends you keep, they will influence your life in that way. If you have good and positive friends, they will motivate you into doing the best. But if you have friends that will use you, drain your energy by negativity and invite you to wrong acts, that will eventually become a part of your life. So choose who you should be friends with, be wise while making friends, because not everyone is your true friend. Some just use you for their benefits. You can control this by choosing the right company for yourself.

  1. Which Books You Read:

things you can control in life

Books have great influence on our personality and lives. Like it’s books are your best friends, so choose the right books for yourself like you choose the right company/friends for yourself. If you tend to read depressing, violent, PG content books, you will be influenced by them in that way. They will affect your personality and you wouldn’t even realize it before it will be too late. So make sure you choose the right books to read. Feed your soul with the right ones.

  1. How Kind You Are To Others:

things you can control in life

Kindness is a nice gesture. Being kind is no talent that only few would have. It is a quality that everyone has but only if they choose to be kind. You can control this by being kind to others. Treat people and animals with kindness and you will see that it will come back right at you. At times, people misuse your kindness and take it for granted, you can control your kindness there, you don’t need to be extra kind to them, not more than necessary. But it doesn’t mean you completely abandon this quality. Remember, it takes a big heart for a person to be kind.

  1. How You Spend/Invest Your Money:

things you can control in life

Controlling you money is completely in your hand. You are the boss of your money, you need to make sure how you spend your money, what you invest it in. Is it healthy or something useful? Or you just spent it because you were bored. You can control this by actually keeping a check and balance on your spendings and investments, if you keep controlling your spendthrift habit, you will find yourself with a lot of savings by the end of month.

  1. How Much Grateful You Are:

things you can control in life


Appreciate whatever you have and whatever you get. You can control being grateful for what you get. So many people don’t have what you do, be it a small thing for you but quite a big thing for them. Remember that when you are wasting things, or taking things for granted. Always appreciate the little things in life. Be grateful for everything, even the smallest sips of your tea. This is in your control to be grateful.

  1. Your Language:

things you can control in life

Other than everything else, your language is in your control. It is in your hands to decide whether or not to speak ill or lousy to someone or about someone. You can choose to be or not to be rude, misbehaving, and foul in conversations. Having a decent and proper language can earn you respect of many people. These days many people don’t really care what comes from their tongue, but it can hurt someone big time if you are not careful. So control your language.

Tell us how did these tips help you out in life, and how you were inspired to control the little things in your life.

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