2020 just kicked in, and so has your new year new me aura! The fact is, changing yourself every year should not be a goal. You should learn to evolve into a good and better version of yourself with time. We make long lists of resolutions for every year, plans to do things and whatnot. But most of the time, we don’t end up accomplishing these lists. It is because we lose interest in them and can’t get back on track on them. So despite all the practical lists, we should focus on our behaviors and personality more. This year, invest in learning more about you. Learn more about evolving yourself into a better person. Here are the 10 things you must learn in 2020. Make sure you change yourself for the better till the end of this year.


Understanding Who You Are and How Should You Work

understand yourself in 2020

This year, focus on yourself. Focus on who you are and not what others want you to be, on how you work, and not on how others want you to behave. Many of you forget your true essence because of the surrounding people. You shape yourself according to their likes and dislikes. You live according to their likes and dislikes, which completely fades your originality. So this year, start with yourself. Find out who you truly are, what are your likes and dislikes. Find how you work, with emotions and feelings, not how others want you to work. Give yourself a preference.


To Increase Your Self-love and Self-worth

learn to love yourself in 2020

Self-love and self-worth are only attained when you acknowledge it. You should learn to increase your self-love and self-worth this year. The only person who needs to pay attention to you is yourself. You need your own validation before you need anyone else’s. You need to love yourself first before loving anyone else. You need to know your worth before anyone can tell you how much of worth you are. This year, it should be all about you. and this is one of the 10 things you must learn in 2020.


To Communicate Better

communicate better in 2020

Communication is the key to solving problems. Our generation is bent on ignoring issues and problems thinking it will solve on their own. That is where we all are wrong. The only way problems can be solved through communicating them with the other party. You should learn to discuss issues, talk about problems. Communication should never mean to argue or fight, but a friendly discussion. Learn how to communicate better this year and see a better change in your relationships for yourself.


To Improve Your Mindset and Beliefs

change your mindset in 2020

Learn to improve your mindsets and  beliefs. Many times, people are following negative beliefs with a negative mindset. They do not realize how bad it can affect another person or how bad it can be to the world. So this year, learn to eliminate all the negative thoughts and beliefs you have regarding someone or something. Replace it with positivity and you will see how you attract a positive aura around you. Improving one’s mindset can make us see things with a much better and clearer perspective and view.


To Accept Reality

learn to live in reality in 2020

Learning to accept reality is more difficult than it sounds because we all have made fairylands, imaginary worlds in our minds that we daydream about when we want to escape reality, but in the end, the bitter truth is that reality still exists. So why not just accept reality as it is? We are too afraid of the real picture. That is why we picture an imaginary situation in our heads and start to have expectations because of it. This only hurts us at the end of the day because the real picture says something else. It is better to accept reality as it is and be realistic.


To Heal From Your Past Wounds

power of healing

Don’t carry the baggage of your past events with you. Forgive and forget, even if you can’t forget, at least forgive. Forgive them, and yourself to have peace with yourself. Once you have closure with your past, you forgive, only then you can move on easily and have peace with your mind. Your healing only starts when you let go of your past, so learn to heal from your past wounds but do not carry them around your back because they will only weigh you down and not let you move on.


To Set Boundaries

set boundaries for yourself

Set boundaries for yourself, not on your mind but for your betterment and growth. Set boundaries for negativity. If you have people around you with negative aura, approaching you with negative behavior that can influence you into negativity, set a boundary for such people. But at the same time, respect other people’s boundaries as well. If others have set boundaries for themselves, respect their opinion on doing so.


To Have Better Control Over Your Behavior and Emotions

control your emotions and behaviours

Controlling your behavior and emotions should be very carefully dealt with. We often hear our emotions are not in our control, and that is why they have the best of us, that is completely wrong. It is true to a limit that emotions can be uncalled but to control their intensity depends on us, on our mind. We are capable of controlling them. For example, your anger can be controlled if you put your mind to it. Otherwise, you know how much damage it can intentionally or unintentionally cause.


To Be More Understanding

understand things

You should learn to be more understanding this year and for years to come. Be more open and broad towards yourself and others. Understand other’s feelings and situations by looking deep into their cause. There is always a reason for someone behaving in a way or a situation that arose. Learn to understand them so you know where to be considerate in such cases. Understanding others will help you gain wisdom and you will be able to solve problems without prejudice.


To Grow my Self-confidence

learn to be self confident

Last but not least, learn to grow your self-confidence. If you are a shy person or socially unattractive, then you must learn to grow your self-esteem and self-confidence. Start with yourself, be confident about yourself, how you are, how you look, about what you were, where you belong, what you eat and how you talk, be confident about that. Once you gain confidence in yourself, you can easily be confident in public.



These were the top 10 things you must learn in 2020 before it ends. Learn one thing at a time, give it time, and your utmost focus and you will see a better change in yourself by the end of this year. Leave us comments on what your resolutions are to learn this year.

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