We, humans, feel discouraged or knocked out from time to time, be it because of any external impediments or because of our own mistakes. Most of the time, this feeling of discouragement grows stronger than our faith in ourselves. Thus we fall prey to this miserable feeling. It leaves us with no choice but to back down and stop. This moment of discouragement where we feel like we are not giving our best or not doing good enough makes us stop believing in ourselves, in our capabilities. Our confidence level drops to zero; we no longer feel like doing anything. Difficulties are a part of human life, and so is the moment of self-doubt. But words of encouragement may have a huge impact in people.


If you ever see any of your friend or family member that has been trying so hard to achieve something, be it any project, in particular, make their day by sharing a few words of encouragement. There is no rocket science in making someone’s day; all you gotta do is use the right set of words to encourage them through their journey. It will make them feel better and motivated to strive even harder. It is an awesome feeling when you have someone around you that believes in your abilities too, and encourages you through them. Be that someone to people around you!

Here’s a guide to a few words you can use to make someone’s day.


Keep Up The Good Work!

words of encouragement keep up the good work

If you come across someone who is trying their level best to reinforce and improve themselves in every possible way, it would take not much of you to pat on their back. Share a few words of encouragement with them. These words can be you telling them to “Keep up the good work” or anything encouraging about their work. This will make their day better by tenfold, and they’d feel confident about their progress.


I am Happy to See You Working Like That!

words of encouragement happy for you

Pay a compliment on someone’s hard work to make them feel elevated. When you encourage someone through their hard work and tough times, it will make them feel at ease. They will restore their strength that drains with the hard work. They will be motivated to move on even much better. So go ahead, if you know a kindred that are paying their best to their goal, tell them how happy you are to see them working like that! It is guaranteed you will see a big smile of joy on their face because they will know that their hard work is fruitful!


You Did That Very Well!

words of encouragement, you did it

Sometimes, we have people around us that might be good at a certain few things but not entirely everything. They often lose their confidence because of this factor. They feel like they are not good enough or cannot fit in with everyone else because they can’t do what others can. It won’t take much of your energy to tell them that they are best at what they know. You should encourage such people in their field of expertise to make them feel like they are really worth it, and should never feel small just because they cannot do what others can. For all we know, they are best at doing what they know better than anyone else, so give them a compliment or two for that!



words of encouragement, congrats

Always congratulate anyone who comes to you with sharing their achievements and how happy they are about it. Whether it is them coming to you or you find out about their achievements, you.must.congratulate! Your congratulations should never be a cold rather sarcastic comment but coming straight out of your heart. You should always be happy for others’ achievements, whether it is your friend or family, make them feel appreciated that they did well! So go on, congratulate them on their hard work.


That is Really Nice!

that's really nice

Words of encouragement do not really have to be some wise and witty quotes you snatch off the internet. You can make anyone’s day by a simple compliment like “that is really nice!”. It can be used in literally any regard, from sharing an idea to seeing them make something with their bare hands. Whenever you see a person putting their heart into something, always pass a few words of encouragement to them to make them feel encouraged.


Innovative Thinking!


When you see a person come up with an innovative idea in no time, compliment him/her on that to encourage their innovative thinking. Tell them how much it can help others around you because, honestly, not everyone can come up with innovative ideas, and those who do, need some credit for it.


I am Impressed!

i am impressed by you

Most of the time, people actually do not express when they are impressed by someone’s thoughts, ideas, work, views or personality. That mostly happens when envy and jealousy reside in their hearts. But to have a good heart, you have to terminate these negative energies and adopt positivity, for example letting such a person know that they have impressed you. It is guaranteed that they will feel so much better about themselves.


You Have Figured it Out Fast!


Encourage a person who is exceptionally talented in figuring out a solution or fixing a problem given at their hand, by complimenting their talent. Such words will make them feel accomplished and better in their field of expertise.


Your Hard Work is Paying Off Well!

hard work pays off

A lot of people don’t keep track of their hard work but they are struggling day and night for their goals. They do not notice how far they have come. It would mean a world to them if you pat on their back and tell them that their hard work is paying off well. If you can see someone’s hard work being paid off, waste no second on encouraging them in doing so.


I am So Proud of You!

i am proud of you

Always remember ALWAYS tell a person who has done something remarkable, how proud you are of them. These few words always make a day, no matter how bad it can be. Whenever you hear someone saying to you that they are proud of you, you automatically feel like on the top of the world. So be that someone and tell your loved ones or your employees who have worked their best, how much you are proud of them.



Like it’s said, words can kill, and words can build. Be that person in someone’s life who builds them up with words of encouragement. You never really know how much these words would mean to someone. Such words help them hold on to their faith in themselves and their hard work which makes them more motivated and full of energy!

Let us know of more words of encouragement and how they have helped someone in your life, in the comments sections below.


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