Making your life better is supposed to be your primary goal. If you don’t know how or what to change in your life, let me tell you the 6 things you must trade for your betterment.


1.   Meaningless Work For Your Passion

work towards betterment

Never in your life make the mistake of settling down for something which is meaningless for you. Never make the mistake of compromising your passion. Your passion is important. If you are having a meaningless job, which is not exactly what you desire. Then trade it for something you do desire. Trade your meaningless work for your passion.

You should not live your life doing something you are not even passionate about. When you actually do what you are passionate about, your work would not feel like a burden to you, or like task heavy on the head and heart. Passion comes from within, so it makes your work easy for you. You do it with your heart and mind. Passion makes you determined, and enthusiastic about your work. So why not do something you are good at, something you desire, something you are passionate about rather than doing what is meaningless to you?


2.   Chasing Money For Chasing Purpose

don't chase money for betterment

If the motto of your life is to work to have loads and loads of money, then know you are living a meaningless life. To be rich, does not mean you have lots of money and luxury. The true form of richness is happiness, peace, satisfaction, love.

We live all our lives chasing after money while ignoring the relations and emotions which are important. We bail out on people we love and all for money. However, you would have seen, by the time we are old and grey, we have much money but not happiness. Not the true form of richness in our lives because all our lives we only chased after money. So trade chasing money with chasing a purpose. Discover your purpose in life. Most of us don’t know why we are here in this world; it is not to impress others with what we have got but to have a positive purpose in life to serve other beings with kindness and humbleness. Find the true purpose of your life and chase it, you will find peace and satisfaction in it. Note down things you must trade for your betterment.


3.   Living For Others For Living For Yourself

trade others for yourself

People pleasing is not a good thing. You need to trade living for others with living for yourself. We spend all our lives doing things to impress others, to be approved by them, to live for them. To live how they want us to, in order to be accepted. However, while living for others, making them happy, doing whatever comes your way all to please them, we forget ourselves. We forget what would make us happy, what can we do to make ourselves happy, content and satisfied.

You only get one shot at life, and you are willing to give it up for others by pleasing them and living as they want you to be, but have you ever thought to do something for your own happiness? To actually live for yourself? This is your life, then why would you choose to live for others and not yourself? So make a pact today, starting now you need to live for yourself only, do what makes you happy and satisfied. After all, it is your life and not theirs.


4.   Soul Extortion For Soul Searching

go for soul searching

Living to be someone you are not is soul extortion. You will not always resonate with all sorts of frequencies. There are going to be situations where everyone would feel the same thing, but you would find yourself different. It is okay to be different, to feel different, to think differently rather than pretending to feel the same as others just to cope up with them or to be accepted by society. Don’t be who you are not, not for anyone at all. Don’t do things you don’t feel like doing, not for any reason at all. Your feelings matter, your ways matter, your choices matter. You don’t need to change yourself for others to accept you while your inside is seeking something else. So trade this soul extortion for soul searching. Find what waters your soul, have a meaningful and deep conversation with anyone where your soul feels comfortable. Your internal peace is in your soul, so do what feeds your soul. Its your duty to know what things you must trade for your betterment,


5.   Nights Out For Knowledge Seeking

trade nights out for knowledge

So many of us are out and about every night, sometimes to enjoy, other times just to pass our times by wasting it outside. Then coming back home and regretting it. This is wastage of time. Since time does not stay for anyone or anything, then why not spend this precious time on something more valuable. Something that will help you in every aspect of your life. Why don’t you trade going out every night with seeking knowledge for good? You will be benefited by seeking knowledge. Knowledge is the most valuable thing in the world; if you have it, you are wealthy; if you don’t, nobody would care about your existence. Moreover, since anybody can seek knowledge, they can become a valuable mindful person. So starting seeking knowledge instead of wasting your precious time.


6.   Being Busy For Protecting Time

trade being busy for protecting time

Let’s be honest; being busy does not always mean you are working hard or grinding. You can be busy with multiple things; you can be busy for multiple reasons, sometimes the reasons are not as important. Sometimes, you are busy working for nothing since it is not working out for you. So ask yourself, does being busy benefit you or help you in any way possible?  There is a difference in being busy all the time and protecting your time by utilizing it wisely.

Your being busy in something should be valid and legit. You are otherwise being busy in something that is not as important, or is not working out is wasting your time.Its your job to figure out things you must trade for your betterment,

There is also a misconception to being busy, that if you are busy, you will most likely be successful. No, it is not that. The path to success is knowing the value of time, and utilizing it wisely, knowing when you should be doing what and what not. How much time must you give to something, when you value time, only then you would know the true meaning of being busy. So trade being busy with protecting your time, use it wisely and only on things that matter or are important, not everyone or everything, not all are worth being busy for or spending your precious time on.



Now that that you know about the things you must trade for your betterment, you should start working on it. Make your life better. What are you wanting for?

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Aimun is an in born writer and a critical thinker who enjoys nature, food and deep conversations about life. Aimun has written blogs for many national and international firms. She loves to engage with her audience and allows them to understand complex concepts in a simple way. She has achieved alot in small age and is on her way to becomming the writer of her dreams.