Space! A mysterious place. Home to no one knows how many things and creatures. Yes! Creatures. I am.a firm believer that aliens exist. I mean, c’mon. The milky way galaxy is a minute part of the whole universe. There are more than billions of galaxies. All of them can’t be empty. It isn’t necessary that the aliens may need the exact things we need for existence. Maybe they can live without oxygen but they need some other element without which we can live our life perfectly. It is very selfish of us to claim we are the only people in the whole wide universe, well all of these “alien” discussions aren’t proven yet. But there are some things that are proven by scientists. Today I am going to tell you amazing space facts that you most probably weren’t aware of. Wanna know about them? Keep reading!


You Can’t Hear Anything in Space

amazing space facts astronauts can't hear each other

Well, this one is quite understandable and justifiable. Space is proven to be a vacuum. In the language of a layman, space has no air. This makes it difficult for the waves to propagate that need a medium for traveling, the sound being one of them. By this logic, scientists made a hypothesis and later proved it experimentally as well that sound can’t be heard in space. A person that is standing just inches from another and he maybe shouting, the other person will never ever know. This gives me a weird idea. It would be fun to pull a scare prank in space. The victim would never know you are approaching them from behind and can give them a serious scare.


Mercury isn’t The Hottest Planet in Solar System

amazing space facts venus is hottest

The planet Mercury is the nearest planet to our sun. Due to this fact, people may assume Mercury is the hottest planet. Well, let me prove all those people wrong. Mercury isn’t the hottest planet. Why the people who assumed Mercury is the hottest planet. may ask. The answer is Mercury doesn’t have a proper atmosphere. It can’t regulate its temperature. However, Venus, the second nearest planet to the sun, is proven to be the hottest, having its average temperature of 150°C. This is because Venus has a proper atmosphere built around it and can regulate and maintain a regular temperature.


Tiniest Stars Can Spin 600 Revolutions Per Second

amazing space facts tiniest stars are fast

There are stars that are the densest yet tiniest in space. These stars are named as Neutron stars. According to scientists that study stars, these stars have a radius of only 10 kilometers (6 miles). Their mass is a few times larger than the sun. These stars are born by a core-collapse supernova star explosion. They spin at the speed of 60 revolutions per second at the time they are born. Later they accelerate their rotational speed. Their speed is measured to be 600 to 712 revolutions per second on average.


A Planet Made Out Of Diamonds

amazing space facts 55 cancri e

This is one of the pretty awesome space facts. A whole planet made of diamonds! That’s impressive. Hey ladies! Let’ pack up and go there. But hold on, there is a slight problem we need to overcome. The planet is 40 light-years away from us. This planet seems to be rather rocky and is named 55 Cancri e. The radius of this planet is double that of Earth. And The mass is eight times more than Earth. It is speculated that its surface is made up of graphite and DIAMONDS. There is more about this planet. It can be seen by the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer. This planet was studied and researched by Yale University scientists.


Footprints Last a 100 Million Years On The Moon

footstep on moon

If I tell you we can prove of Neil Armstrong landed on space. You would certainly get surprised. How you may ask! The famous “small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” must’ve left a footprint on the moon. Given the fact that our moon doesn’t have any atmosphere means there is no wind to ruin the footstep. Our moon doesn’t have water as well. This means water can’t wash the footstep as well.

By all of these facts, we can safely conclude that the footstep is still there. Not just the footsteps of Neil Armstrong, there might be footsteps of other Apollo astronauts. The rovers sent to the mood may have left its prints. All of them are going to stay there for  100 million years. I guess there are many more signs on the moon which proves that mankind has reached the moon, not just the flag that Neil Armstrong left there.


Space Has Floating Water Cloud In It

cloud of water floating

A giant cloud filled with water vapor has been observed by astronomers. According to their studies, the cloud has water more than the water Earth’s oceans hold as a whole. Calculations proved, it has 140 trillions times more mass of water than the water Earth’s oceans contain. But don’t worry it won’t flood our planet since it is 10 billion light-years away. This huge amount of water has been declared to be the largest discovery of water in the history of mankind.

Largest Known Asteroid


Have you ever wondered about the asteroids? No! You should. They are very interesting. Here is one of the quick but amazing space facts. There is an asteroid large enough that scientists at first considered it a planet. It was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi, an Italian astronomer in 180. At first, it was called the dwarf planet Ceres. Now it is considered an asteroid. It is present in Asteroid Belt present between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It accounts the 33% of the entire belt’s mass.

99.86% Of The Mass Of Solar System Is The Mass Of Sun

the Sun

The sun is made up of Hydrogen and Helium. Hydrogen being three quarters and Helium is almost one-quarter of the Sun’s total mass. This mass of Sun is almost 99.86% of the whole solar system. For the record another one of the fun facts, Earth is 330,000 times lighter than the Sun. That was the last one of amazing space facts for this session.




The space is full of wonders. With wonders come amazing space facts as well. Space is a weird place. You will hear many things about it that you might not want to believe or are too weird to be true. Search it up. You’ll find a lot. Trust me and you’ll have a lot of fun reading them as well

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