Apple IPhone latest Phone- iPhone X with the best display in the market so far- is a step towards digitalizing human life day by day. Innovation and creativity are at its peak.

No matter how great new things we develop, security remains the biggest issue. It would be the top priority when it comes to Latest Technologies. Following the trend of introducing new technologies, the smart phones are on the way towards introducing amazing features with the passage of time.

This time, Apple has taken the lead and after the launch of its first iPhone, 2007, Apple Company has now launched its trend-setting product “iPhone X” in the market.

The company claims that this phone has created a concept of full proof security by adding Face ID recognition feature. Calling it the biggest change in iPhone design since Steve job launched its first phone, would be a matter of pride for its designers and developers.

Apple is introducing a new and user-friendly Smart device. It shows their creativity and hard work and there they created a new user-interface.

Face Id on the iPhone x has a “True Depth” camera. It analyzes the face with more than 30k infrared dots. It has the capability to scan your face in 3D. The company also claims it can recognize you immediately. And it allows you to access your Smartphone.

However, this technology seems very interesting but who need this type of security? Who demanded Face ID Feature? Are the questions which I think need answers? Although it’s amazing to know that the security risk factor has decreased drastically i.e. 1 in 10,00,000 possibility, yet mobile users appreciate to have more user-friendly interfaces and features.

The Apple’s Touch ID back in 2013 on iPhone 5s was noticed all over the world. Whereas android developers took more than one and half year to adding this feature in the form of Integrated fingerprint sensors .Now it’s the essential part of every Smartphone.

Following the trend of Face ID feature in iPhone, Android developers are also trying to work on the same feature. They are about to launch it soon in the market. Moreover, Apple’s production of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was forced to cut off up to 50% right after few weeks of their release.

According to The Nikkei, world’s biggest newspaper, IPhone X Launch was also forced to cancel a gargantuan 50% of its production. The Nikkei further elaborate by saying that up to 2.0 million iPhone X units will be delivered during the remainder of 2017 whereas Apple had planned 40 million.


To keep this in context, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus shipped 13 Million units in just their opening weekend (and they were ‘S’ models). So delivering 20M spread across 8 weeks is nowhere near enough.

When it comes to the best display, iPhone took the lead due to its OLED display — an iPhone first. It is classified as the Super Retina Display. Its size is 5.8 inches, with a high definition resolution of 2,436 × 1,125 pixels.

Other features include:

  • Dolby Vision and HDR1a0 for stunning high-contrast video playback.
  • True Tone dynamic white-balance adjustment.
  • There is no home button as you can unlock it with your face.
  • Its screen is water- and dust-resistant, and capable of charging wirelessly.

Besides all these features, not only IPhone but also other companies such Sony, Samsung are endeavoring to launch the best product in the market.But only a few have achieved their targets. Smartphone companies are sleeping on adopting or in fact copying iPhone Face ID. Samsung might soon launch this feature in the upcoming smartphone’s units. The question is, do we really need such types of smart features on our smartphones? Does it really make our life easy or it is diverting us towards the era of smartphones and dumb people?

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