Meditation is for the mind and soul. This is a technique that trains your mind to be mindful. It encourages your mind to be mindful by going through them. It does not let you involve in the thoughts to judge them or inquire about them. Meditation lets you go through them to be aware of what is on your mind, in your surroundings, it makes you see things from a distance to let you have a clearer and none judgemental view about them. Meditation creates an inner balance inside your mind and feelings. It lets you see things as they are and beyond them but never lets you get involved in them. Humans are quick to judge whether it is a good or bad judgment. They judge first and think afterward. We are going to discuss some tips for meditation today.

Meditation helps you be more mindful than easy to judge. So if you are looking forward to calming your nerves and find true meanings and depths of the world and your surroundings, then you must start practicing. With more and more practice, you become more and more aware and mindful. Here are some basic tips for beginners to start with. Follow these tips and practice daily or every second day for better results.


Find a Quiet Spot

quite place for meditation

The first step to your meditation is finding a quiet spot. Meditation is all about relaxing your mind so you can go through the depths of your thoughts and in order to do that, you need to have a relaxed environment. So you got to find a place and time where you know you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone. You can meditate in that place and time for a few minutes when you feel like it. But do not let yourself be disturbed by any chance.


Select a Comfortable Place for Meditation

comfy for meditation

You need to ease and relax your muscles. You must have seen in pictures that sitting cross-legged is the meditating position. It no doubt is, but the point of meditating is to be comfortable. You need to have your body be in a position where your muscles are comfortable. It can be by sitting on a chair, maintaining straight but relaxed back, shoulders, arms, and legs. This one of all the tips for meditation works the best.


Relax Your Mind

relaxation is the key

To gain mindfulness, you need to relax your mind. If you have a lot going on in your mind, you need to take a break from them and set them aside for a while to have a relaxed mind that you can wander in. A jumbled up mind can only get you involved in your thoughts rather than being aware of them you will start living in them. So relax your mind first to go through the depth.


Focus on the breath

breathing really helps

You can relax by fixating your focus on your breath. Focus on how you breathe, how long does it take to go in and out. Focus on how your muscles contract and relax while you breathe in and out. This focus will divert your mind from all the fuss that is going on inside it. It will capture your focus to be mindful. This is one of the important tips for meditation.


Feel the Air Going In and Out

air in and air out feeling

As you inhale, feel the air goes inside and how your lungs fill in, feel every bit of it as you exhale, and let it out. Focus on the contraction and relaxation of your muscles and diaphragm as you breathe in and out. Feel the air go inside and come outside. This will relax your nerves of the mind, and your attention will be diverted from the crazy thoughts. Now you will be able to dive into the depths of your mind.


Notice Thoughts That Arise

thoughts that arise

Now that your mind is clear and you are able to focus on diving into the depths of your thoughts, notice the thoughts that arise themselves. Our brain is a remarkable organ. It generates thoughts even when we are not thinking. So notice the generation of thoughts, notice what they are as they start to rise up. Be aware of them but don’t dwell on them. Observe the thoughts, do not fight them or shun them when they arise. Observe, why are they rising.


Gently Return to The Breath


Now calmly take a break from taking notice of your thoughts and come back to the present to focus on your breath again. Breathe in and breathe out, feel the air go inside and outside. This will relax your body and your mind both at the same time.


Aim for 5 minutes


Meditation does not necessarily mean you have to sit for hours and have longer sessions. It can be as quick as for 1 minute or 5 minutes. For beginners, start off with 5 minutes. Spare 5 minutes for meditation and you will see for yourself how much 5 minutes of complete relaxation can affect your mind to be more aware, observant and mindful.


Practice Every Day

progress in meditation

Find your place and time where you are undisturbed and then meditate for 5 minutes the least, make it your routine for daily or every second day. The more you practice, the more, the better you will be at focusing on the depths of your thoughts. Sparing 5 minutes out of your busy routine should not be such a big thing, as meditation will help you throughout the day.


Make Progress Patiently


You cannot be a pioneer of meditation overnight. You need to make progress but with patience. If you are impatient, your progress will only slow down because impatience makes a person lose focus. And the main element if meditation is a focus, if you lose focus, then how would you be able to progress? So give it time, patience and your 100% full attention, be it for 5 minutes, it will make you become more observant, aware and mindful.



Now that you know what the basics steps are and how you can proceed with meditation, you are good to go ahead and try it. Remember that yoga is a part of meditation. Although, yoga is more a body fitness approach but if done with the above steps for meditation, you can do both, and be fit by mind and body at the same time. Try meditating and let us know how it helped you out. That was all about Tips for meditation, let us know how useful these tips are?

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