Whether you are stuck in a school group project, or just individually trying to solve a mystery puzzle out of curiosity. Whichever it is, you will find yourself to brainstorm whenever stuck at a moment. Brainstorming benefits are many as it is a technique where either all individuals of a group, or if separately doing it then a single individual, starts to flash all possible ideas in their brain to find a suitable for solution for the problem. It’s healthy activity, and keeps the brain fresh and young because of all the creative thinking. Let us discuss the benefits of brainstorming.


The spontaneous ideas that all the members or you alone contribute are then gathered, to find a definite conclusion to the problem. This is known as brainstorming. Now as mentioned earlier, brainstorming can be done in a group or just by yourself too. It is much effective in a group because many brains altogether are generating new and creative ideas which are spontaneous. Therefore different from each other but contributing to solve the same problem.


While doing it individually, you may get stuck in your own brainstorming till you get an external stimuli to trigger your creative thinking again. But nevertheless, both ways brainstorming is a very healthy and beneficial activity for every person.


There are four general rules of brainstorming, which are as;


1.   Go For Quantity

quantity of brainstorming

This rule suggests gathering as much possible ideas as you can. The more the quantity, the more your brain will be able to expand its horizons and then you can pick the one having much quality to it.


2.   Withhold Criticism:

criticism in brainstorming

Second rule is to put a hold on passing any criticism on the participants ideas. The main goal is to generate and gather as many ideas as you can, so if you criticise, it will hold back the participant from generating more and new ideas.


3.   Welcome Wild Ideas:

welcome wild ideas

Encouraging new and wild ideas will motivate the participants to generate more ideas. You can change your perspective to perceive those ideas and you will be able to find a solution where you never thought your brain would go.


4.   Combine And Improve Ideas:

combine ideas in brainstorming

When all ideas have been gathered, try to improve them by combining them. So many ideas all at once cannot be applied, by combining them you will get a much better and improved solution.


These were the four general rules of brainstorming. We brainstorm in our daily lives with or without knowing. To encourage this activity even more, take a look at its benefits down below.


Variety Of Skills:

variety of skills in brainstorming

Brainstorming benefits in a group. You get to have a variety of skills and experience because of the variety of different mindsets of the participants. Everyone has their own level of thinking, way of thinking, their skills are different from one another, some may be experienced in some things while other in some other things. This gives rise to variation in the ideas based on their skills and experience. Which is the basic purpose of brainstorming to gather different ideas from different mindsets to have a broader view of the problem.


Promotes Teamwork:

brainstorming team

The best one of the benefits of brainstorming is teamwork. Group projects are much encouraged in schools and workplaces to promote teamwork among the students and colleagues. Teamwork helps every individual in boosting their confidence to present their ideas and encouraging one another by helping in the improvement of ideas. Everyone has each other’s back which helps them in creating a group bond based on creativity.


Ultimate Freedom:

freedom of ideas in brainstorming

In case of brainstorming individually, you have the ultimate freedom to come up with any sort of idea. Be a wild or unimaginable idea, but you are at complete freedom to come up with any sort of idea. There is no fear of anyone judging you or criticizing you. Your brain can explore beyond the boundaries and generate wildest ideas. This is on of the “Ultimate” benefits of brainstorming.


Deeper Solutions:

solutions to problems

Whether in a group brainstorming session or individually brainstorming, you get to experience different perspectives of different mindsets. This enables your brain to go into the depth of the problem to find a deeper solution. By combining all the ideas together and giving a rise to a bigger and better solution to the problem. This is beneficial in a sense that you get to the roots of the problem. This will let you come up with a solution which is itself very deep to cover all and any possible loophole.


Complete Focus:

focus in the problem

When you are brainstorming individually, you experience everything alone. Therefore, you have your complete and undivided focus on the problem and trying to generate new and more ideas depending on your skills.

When you give your complete attention to something you can come up with something much bigger and better which serve as a long term solution. In group brainstorming, you can focus on the problem too but all together, which also has its perks because everyone comes up with a different cause for the solution, helping the other to generate a completely different idea but all focused on one problem.




Brainstorming is best source for creative thinking. Anyone engaging in this brain activity, is a very creative person or becomes a very creative person. Creativity is an ability which makes a person capable of creating something extraordinary from something ordinary. New and valuable ideas are generated. Brainstorming has its own benefits and perks.



equality in teamwork

Brainstorming in a group helps in giving everyone an equal chance to speak and share their ideas. The concept of equality is strongly supported in brainstorming. So not only the person gets smarter and creative but also respects the right of being equal to each other which makes them a better person.


Generating Great Ideas:

new and unique ideas

One of the best brainstorming benefits is the generation of so many great ideas. We may have used the one specific for the problem on table but the ones not used are no less than great. Its true when they say two minds are better than one, because of their creative thinking they give rise to tons of new and possible ideas which can be used in other aspects later in life.



Brainstorming benefits are countless. We should always brainstorm on the normal tasks to bring up ideas that make an ordinary thing better and unique.

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