Communication Barriers: Steps towards Emotional Intelligence!

Normally, when a message is sent to the receiver(s) it passes through the basic Components of communication Skills. But this not enough because of the diverse nature of Communication Barriers. Such barriers could be anything. i.e language, internal and external distraction in communication. But, it would be much better if you know and feel it with real examples in our day to day life.

Like everyone else, I knew not much about communication Skills and the differences between effective communication and direct communication. But the more I invested time to reading about  Soft Skills, the more I found it interesting. And there is nothing much to be surprised because when you read things, you come to know about wonderful things. You gain knowledge through Verbal and Nonverbal communication, and through different other mediums.

Benefits of Communication Barriers!

However, The meaningful thing for you is you must read about Communication Skills because it helps us improve the following major aspects of our particular skill.

  1. These barriers stop us for a while during performing some challenging and useful task(s). It develops Leadership qualities in our personality.
  2. Every barrier is an opportunity to think smarter, make plans, set goals and earn them.
  3. It improves our Decision making skills ( i appreciate your Wikipedia search, also Google has a lot for you)
  4. It supports us to know the difference between Interpersonal and intra-personal Communication Skills.
  5. In the same way, it purifies your verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  6. Once you overcome these communication Barriers, you would be capable to inspire others with the best colours of knowledge.

If you are done with clicking on the above life skills topics then it’s time to know, understand and reduce those  Communication Barriers which either stop you from leading in life, or they are the only causes that reduce and consume most of your time, energy and efforts. Let’s me draft them easy for you so that you could easily pick, correct and make use of them. Because it indeed is a source of pleasure for me when I see someone on the road to success and opportunities. So here we go!

1. Listening Barriers: The need of Listening Skills:

Most of the time we get failed in accessing the information while listening to the other person because of our not so exceptional listening skills. It is massively significant for every successful communication to acquire active listening skills. If you listen attentively, you will learn and perceive things. And once you start understating things, you would enjoy the fruits of memorable communication.

Better options(Tips):

Whenever, you talk to someone, try to listen to that person opinion, view or judgement priory. Observe his condition and understand his realm. Then Give feedback (but A pleasant Reaction always inspire).

You will commit mistakes but if you keep practicing on listening skills, you would overcome it even on the go. Read more about What Listening Skills are and How to improve it.

2. Language Barriers:

Language barriers are the same across the world. As it would be unfair if I write this blog in my native language and expect every reader to understand it. It is necessary for every effective communication to be free of language barriers.

Better options(Tips):

Using neutral language during every communication like English, which is the neutral language round the Globe. Additionally, this blog is understandable to the large audience (Different Communities) belonging to different cultures, customs and traditions. An Evocative person use normally one to three languages daily in its conversation with anyone. Native language, national language and One of the most usable languages of the world.

Do you know?

There is another language, not only human being but also animals can understand The  language of Effection!

 3. Comprehension Barriers:

Once you are done with the above barriers, there comes the comprehension barriers which needs serious attention because most of the time it has been seen a person says something but the feedback comes completely different, unusual and sometimes unexpected. So it is important that we listen, understand and then respond. It spares you peace!

Better options(Tips):

Try to Think what the other person said? How did he say it? Then compose your message, use the right level words and your Response will solve half of the problem, even before any interruption.

4: Internal & External Distractions In Communication:

These two barriers, I must say, portray the vital role in winning every communication. External distractions include noise, of all kind. Such as a place, and or person. However, you can manage the external distractions. i.e if someone is making noise, you can notify them that you are distracting me.

Communication Barriers empowers you to Look for the best options. In contrast, internal distractions are related to our consciousness, intra-personal communication. Anything you do, resides in our brain. Handling this immense information is not an easy job. Also, responding to every situation effectively represents the art of the best readers only. Some people have wonderful Reading skills while others are just the so-called visitors.  It can be an ample once you know How to Deal with Internal Distraction.

Better options(Tips):

Update your mind with the pleasant words, so, if in case, you express something aggressively sometime, it won’t much affect your ongoing communication. This is one of the biggest barriers of communication skills.

5. Personal Barriers:

These Communication Barriers are our self-created. We decide whom to talk, meet and live. Also, it Include our willingness, priorities and personal boundaries for our self and  for the other people. Whom we interact on routine bases .

Comparably, it depends on our values, personal relationships as well as our personal interest. But It doesn’t mean you don’t care when you are not willing to participating in any kind of communication or discussion. For sure, there would be certain reasons behind it. Additionally, it’s your right not to step in an every talk because the other person might not quite recognize your internal state of mind.

Better Options(Tips):

If your mind is unready, keep calm, don’t respond, rather I would highly suggest you to barely leave that place or better to aware them about what’s going on inside your mind. You deserve the peace of mind as much as you deserve food for thoughts.

A few more Communication Barriers are noticeable. They also help in establishing  a successful communication. Here we have!




Gender Barriers.

Emotional Barriers.

Optimistically, it would work for you as it works for me. Broadly it works for majority of the learners because this is what I have learned from historical, psychological, literature and above all, from the book of life. And now it’s the time that you identify all those barriers of communication that stop you from making every communication memorable.Best friends always share good stuffs with each other so share if you have got one. Many thanks! Have a successful life.