To declutter your phone or your room is always on your list, but when will you decide to declutter your soul? Yes, our souls carry baggage from all that we experience in life. We tend to hold on to things that weigh us down. We are involved in activities that are not healthy. We need to declutter our soul.  However,there are many ways to declutter your soul; we have mentioned 10 ways to try this year declutter your soul this year and live a happy life.


Spend Time With The People That You Love

friends and family time to declutter your soul

The best way to declutter your soul is to spend time with the people that love you. Because Spending time with the ones you love and who loves you back makes you feel happy. Similarly, such people invest their time in your well being. Spending time with them will make your soul feel young again. that is one of the best way to declutter your soul this year.


Surround Yourself With People Who Makes You Feel Good

be giving and supportive to declutter your soul

To make your soul relive again, you have to surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. People who bring the best in you. Such people encourage you, motivate you, they have faith you can and will do better. Likewise, People who make you feel good to have a positive aura around them, so being around them makes you a positive person as well. This has a great impact on your soul cleansing.


Cut Out Toxic People

declutter your soul be removing toxicity

Toxic people drain most of your energy. Because these people manipulate you through toxic means to do things you don’t want to do or behave in a certain way. You don’t feel comfortable. Moreover, most of the time we don’t know how deeply involved we are in toxicity, be it with our friends or family. We are so deeply involved that we lose track of our originality. We forget what our soul wants, what our soul needs. We focus on what they want. And which toxic to our souls. It sucks the life out of our souls. It is better to cut off such people to declutter your soul. The moment you let such people go, your soul will start to revive again.


Have A Healthy Diet

healthy eating to declutter the soul

Have a decluttered soul does not only mean you are emotionally affected. Yes, it is true that being healthy means your soul should be healthy and not only your body. But what your eating habits have a great impact on your mind. Having a healthy diet can affect your soul because it affects your mind, and your mind, in turn, controls your emotions which has a big impact on your behavior, on your inner self. So to have a cleansed inner self, start to eat right to make it work in a rhythm.


Don’t Waste Your Time On The Phone

don't waste time on phone

Your soul is widely affected by your phone. Nowadays, people spend  hours on phones just scrolling through social media with people who only display their materialistic life and best approaches, which makes you feel inferior consciously or subconsciously. You start to feel like you need to compete with them or ask questions from yourself as to why are you not like them? These things affect your mind, and make you ungrateful for what you have. Once you are ungrateful, you will not be content with your mind and soul. Other people’s opinions and lives will affect you, which will declutter your soul. So it’s better to avoid wasting time on social media.


Spend More Time Out In Nature

spending time in nature

The best way to declutter your soul is to connect to nature. Nature has its way to our body, mind and soul. When you spend more time outside in nature, you will feel light and fresh as if you are born again. Nature has a very big and positive impact on our souls. So go for a run or a walk early in the morning and observe nature. Or just sit around in a park or a quiet place in nature to feel it. Focus on the birds, animals and the wind. Your soul will reconnect with them itself.


Replace Expectations With Acceptance

accept yourself

Expectations hurt us more than people do. We always set high standards of expectations from people that we love, so when they do not act according to our expectations, we are disappointed. To live a better and happy life is not to expect anything from others. It is better to let yourself be on your own and accept people as they are instead of expecting too much from them. Ask people not to expect from you either, and you don’t expect anything from them in return. When you replace expectations with acceptance, your soul will feel light.


Move On From The Past

move on from the past

Holding on to your past can have a very bad impact on your soul. Living in the past only gives rise to resentments, bitterness, grudges, and discomfort. It is better to let go of the past so you can move on and feel free. You will not feel entire and complete freedom till you have moved on, and you can only move on if you have let your past go. Forgive and forget, so you can move on.


Stop Overthinking

stop overthinking

Overthinking ruins your relationship, your plans, your mood, and hurts you. Overthinking is the ultimate cause of ruining things. If you are an overthinker, you will never be at peace. Your soul will always feel trapped and restless because of the thoughts that you have. So to declutter your soul, you have to stop overthinking. It is not easy to stop all at once, but you have to try to avoid it when it starts to happen.


Give Time To Yourself

give time to yourself

Your soul needs your attention. So give yourself time. You give everyone your time. Be it family, friends, work, life, and whatnot, when will you spare some time for yourself? Take a little time out for yourself, to do the things you love to do, pamper yourself. Meditate to get your mindfulness in the right place. Focus on your needs and provide for them, so you can complete yourself. Only you can complete yourself with self-love. So declutter your soul by being there for yourself.


We hope you have loved this article and learned to declutter your soul. We will love it if you share your feedback with us on how you declutter your soul.


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