Ego and higher self are two states of mind that a human possesses. Sometimes, one gets the upper hand over another. There is a constant battle between ego and higher self. Many people often get confused between the two and make mistakes. The difference is very simple. Ego is the negative energy you have while the higher self is positive energy. The two energies have distinctive features that make them different from each other. Go through the differences and then you will have a clear understanding of the two states of mind.


The Ego Will Say;


I am a Victim of Circumstance

victim of circumstances in ego and higher self

Ego is about being right no matter what, so it fears downfalls and setbacks. It always wants to be in power and never settle for anything less. Whenever things go wrong, it never takes the blame for it. It always plays the victim-blaming on the circumstances. It does not allow you to be responsible for the cause but to sulk about the happening and how it affected you.


I Live in Scarcity. There is Never Enough

scarcity in ego vs higher self

Ego has a hunger that is never filled. It is always looking for more, to have more, to gain more, to be more. Even if the plate is full, it keeps adding more to it. The ego believes that it is never enough and you will run out of these resources. So it keeps its search for more and is always restless because of it.


It’s Complicated

complication in ego vs higher self

When the ego cannot solve a problem, it feels powerless. Therefore it terms the situation as complicated. It does not believe in trying to do better, to improve and find a solution. It believes if I cannot do it, it can’t be done. I will not try for it because I am righteous.


I am in Competition With The World

competition in the world

Ego is in forever competition with the world, whether or not the world is in competition with you. It is always trying to show the world that it is worthy, that it has more might and power. The ego tries to prove to the world that it is better than everyone, that it is right and everyone is wrong. Ego wants no one to win but itself. It is always trying to find a way to be on the top even if it can bring someone down.


I am Alive Temporarily, and That is Scary


Ego is afraid of temporary life. It needs validation of permanent. It wants to be in power permanently, so the idea of being alive temporarily scares it. Which is why people who listen to their ego are uneasy when it comes to talking about death or of the temporary life. Ego is always in search of being on the top, but forever. It can’t bear the idea of anyone trying to take its place.


Whereas Higher Self Says;


I Create My Own Reality

reality in ego and higher self

The higher self is all about divine spirituality. It has faith. It is content. It believes that you have to try to be something or somewhere. Higher self believes in working hard to make its reality. It does not snatch from anyone. It does not want to be in power; it wants to be complete and is in the pursuit of finding happiness with whatever it has. Higher self believes in building yourself from nothing to something by working hard, by making the right decisions, by being patience.


I am Happy

being happy in ego and higher self

The higher self is always happy. It never complains when it fails or experiences a setback. It does not nag about a situation. It is happy and tries to find happiness in whatever it decides. A higher self never plays the victim of the circumstance. It believes if I work hard for something, I will definitely get, and if not, then there must be something better in store for me.


I Live in Abundance. There is Always Enough

there is always enough

The higher self is content with whatever it has. It is never hungry for more. It does not search for more because it is scared that resources will run scarce. It believes whatever I have and whatever I will get out of my own hard work, will be enough for me. So the higher self is in peace; it does not worry about getting more because it knows whatever it has will be enough for him.


I am in Harmony With The World

harmony in world

The higher self is compassionate towards the world. It lives in harmony with the world. It is never in competition with the world. The higher self does not worry about trying to prove itself right just so the world can be proven wrong. It does not want to be validated by people to prove it is better, righteous and powerful than the world. When the higher self is right or better, it knows it is and it never sticks in other people’s faces to prove that they are not. It is never in competition with anyone.


I am Alive Temporarily, and That is Awesome


The higher self is not scared of this temporary life. It always believes that one day everyone will die and this world will end, everything we have will be gone and it has made peace with this thought. So it is never in fear of losing what it has or losing the power and authority it has gained because it knows that all these things are temporary. Unlike ego, higher self knows in the back of their mind that whatever it gains in the world will last temporarily, so there is no point of being showy about these temporary things. The higher self knows that whatever I have will be gone one day with the demise of the world, so it is satisfied with whatever it has.



Now that you know the differences between ego and higher self, you would be able to make a decision based on your higher self or ego. You would now know whether you are rationalizing a situation on the basis of ego or higher self.

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