The youth of this era have a lot of complaints and less productivity. And you know why? Because we procrastinate big time. We have indulged ourselves in useless things which distracts us from our useful tasks making us procrastinate, and then regretting the time we procrastinate.

Here are 10 types of people that wastes time, make sure you are not one of them, if you are, today is a new day to start being responsible.

  1. Waiting For Inspiration:

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

So many of you out there don’t kick start something because you are waiting for an inspiration. It is not necessary that inspiration will walk up to your doorstep and knock on your door to get you started. You have to look for your passion, for the inspiration within you. And then work for it, once you starting working for what you desire, you eventually get all the inspiration you need on every step of the life. You will only acknowledge inspiration when you seek it, don’t just wait and waste time for it to come to you.

  1. Complaining:

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

People who complain a lot are the ones unhappy with their lives. They themselves don’t live their lives so they make it hard for others. Complaining and sulking all the time instead of actually working on making it better. Whether its school, work, relationships, politics, whatever in life. If you have complaints against something or someone, be the first one to make a change rather than just wasting time complaining about how it is and how it could been if this or that had happened. This is negative energy, keep yourself away from it. Only those who can’t do better, complain. Don’t be one of them.

  1. Not Living Your Life:

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

Don’t waste your life by not living it. Like it’s said, don’t wait for the perfect, make the moment perfect for yourself. Life is short, and you only live once. Every second if your life is precious and you only get one shot at it. So ask yourself, do you want to live these seconds or want them to just be wasted by not doing anything worth living. This time will pass in a jiffy and it won’t be long when we are achy old beings who can’t even stand properly, you will miss these precious seconds that you wasted by not living them when you had the energy and will to. So now is the time, make the most of it while you have it.

  1. Trying To Please Everyone:

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

If you live your life to please other people, what will you have when you are dying? Shattered dreams and ungranted wishes? All because instead of pleasing yourself, your own soul, you lived it to please others? Always remember, this life is promised to every individual individually. Nobody was sent to be a people pleaser. So why waste time trying make others happy when they really want to suck the soul out of you. Do you not have any wants? Any wishes? And desires? Do you not want to please them? Ask yourself this before pleasing others and putting your own desires second.

  1. Worrying About What People Will Say:

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

So many of us leave our dreams, passions, desires just because of the fear of disapproval of others. Why is that do important to us anyways? Why do we worry about what people will say when we are the ones who is gonna live the life we want to. Why worry about them when they won’t be the ones living it for us? Stop wasting time by living your life to be approved by other people. Live it as you want it, it’s yours. Don’t worry about others, they have their own lives to worry about. When you are focused on yours, nobody’s approval or disapproval matters.

  1. Comparing Yourself With Others:

Another way to waste your time is by comparing yourself to other people. Honestly, everyone is different from each other. We are all born in unique and diverse ways. Nobody is the same, so what is the point of comparing yourself with others. Maybe they are good at something you are not but at the same time you will be good at certain things they are not. God has always created this balance. So why waste time with this comparison when we can utilize it in actually making ourselves become better and bigger as a human being? Don’t be such a time waster and instead invest it in good.

  1. Perfectionism:

Nobody’s perfect. Point blank, no one and nothing is! If you are a perfectionist trying to make people perfect or things perfect, you are wasting your time because all of and everything in some have flaws. And no matter what we do we cannot make them perfect, we can try to make them better but not perfect. That is the originality of us human beings that we are imperfect im the way we all are.

  1. Repeating The Same Mistakes:

Never waste your time repeating the same mistake over and over again. Always look at your mistakes as a lesson of life, learn from that lesson, know your weak points and wrong doings, rectify them by actually working on yourself and improving to do better next time. If you keep repeating your mistakes thinking it will work out one day, no it won’t unless you improve your abilities and learn where you went wrong instead of wasting time doing the same thing over and over again.

  1. Lack Of Priorities:

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

If you want your time to never be wasted, always set yourself priorities. If you lack what is important to you first, second or third, you will only waste time switching between what you like most and least, and before you figure out, most of your time would be wasted. So set your priorities straight and don’t waste time.

  1. Fear Of Failures:

The biggest time wasters are those who fear failures. And because of this fear, they never try anything, they never start anything, they never jump

Don’t Be One Of These 10 Time Wasters

off to fly. For such people should know that failures are a part of life as success is. We never get to the top in the first stance. Everyone who got where they wanted to be was once afraid but put his fears back and took the first dive. This is life, its real, you will fail, you will get down but what matters is you getting back up and going to strike back again. So don’t a time waster fearing failures when they will meet you at least once in your life so why not now, face them, and overcome them with bravery.

Make sure you are not one of these time wasters. If you are any of them, you now know your place and your message, just do as it’s said for you. Its now or never!

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