How communication skills can ensure a successful life? A Valid question and the answer is when you are asked to present your ideas and expression. But that realization that you cant or how would you do it. There you need to be an excellent communicator.


However, lets us know What is actually mean by communication? One may define it as the exchange of verbal and nonverbal words, signs and cues. But communication is much more than words and cues. It’s a complete code of success in the workplace once it is adopted.

Communication is everything! Yes! I claim that communication is everything. Look at this post and it is telling you that it’s not an ordinary post. It tells you that it’s neither your textbook nor your assignment. It’s a blog with a title that brought you here. However, if you are still reading it, I assure you will learn the best skills within 5 minutes read.

Communication has broadly divided into two types, verbal and nonverbal, which will be uploaded soon. My realm in this post is to provide specific and precise information about two particular components of communication.Catch up the following THREE skills involved in effective communication skills and inspire your audience.

Although these are very common skills ,yet they need great care and daily practice to master these skills.

Listening skills: Most of the time we react frequently aggressively and negatively when we come across awful conversation. Do you know why? It’s because we don’t listen properly, as a result we understand quarterly and react double. If you did not listen actively, you would not understand properly. So listening is as important for understanding as blood for circulation and oxygen for lungs.

Few tips to improve listening skills;

  • Maintain eye contact during listening.
  • Stop thinking when you are listening.
  • Pay serious attention when someone talks to you.

Through active listening, you can really not only understand your opponent but also you can earn respect.

Comprehension of Nonverbal communication during Listening: Have you ever noticed when your favourite actor in a movie is performing an emotional scene and that scene has made you emotional? I am sure you might have experienced it. Do you know why? Because they are actors and they know how to take care of nonverbal communication.

If your expressions don’t match your words, your message would not inspire others.

If you want to say something funny to someone with a low tone, or in a sad tone, do you believe they would find the humor in that? Absolutely not!

To understand nonverbal communication, you should know its components. It includes; cues, signs, waving hands, movement of the body parts, your voice-tone- and above all your expressions. If you worked on it, you would save much of your time and energy.

Speaking skills: In the book of business communication, it is emphasized that when you speak, know your audience first. Knowing them would help you what to say and how to say. The “How” makes all the difference. It carries your emotions and personal touch. It shows your anger,love, passion and sincerity in your message. Think before you say anything to anyone. Take care of the following tips next time you interact with someone. Note the change in your message. Note the feedback.

  • Give more focus on “You instead of i “. It will compel your listeners to listen to you.
  • Avoid speaking louder or very slow, observe the distance between you and your listener.
  • Say completely when you want to say something.
  • Provide all the Essential facts and figures.
  • Show them their benefits instead of yours.
  • Observe the nonverbal change in the listener behavior and compose your message according to their nonverbal change.

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