Seasonal changes can have one big and irritating factor, that is having dry skin. In case you have dry skin all year long, you can carry on reading the tips as well as those who get seasonal dry skin. Dry skin can be irritating, causes itch in the sun and easily breaks causing cuts and injuries. Makeup does not apply properly. Your skin becomes rough and tight, and a slight rash can cause severe burns.

Since there is no oil for dry skin, skin becomes unhealthy. As much as people have issues with oily skin, dry skin is no better. Because the oil skin produces is healthy for your skin.

Anyways, read the following tips on how to Get Rid Of Dry Skin.

  1. Avoid Taking Long Bath/Showers:

Dry skin tips

Water is the enemy of dry skin. Exposing your skin to water for a long time can damage your skin by drying all the moisture from it. Water can for the time being make your skin moist, but right after it, your skin becomes drier than it ever was. So if you have already dry skin, avoid exposing your skin to water for that long.

  1. Avoid Taking Hot Baths:

Hot baths or shower can actually open your skin pores and makes it parched after you are done. Always take a shower or bath in warm water, especially if you have dry skin. Hot bath/showers only make it worse by making it more dry and scaly. You will experience roughness and tightness of skin after you shower or take a bath in hot water. So avoid using hot water if you want to get rid of your dry skin.

  1. Moisturize Your Skin After Bath:

dry skin tips

This is an important step that many of us are too lazy to do. Whenever you shower, your skin is exposed to water for too much time which makes your skin dry so right after you shower or bathe, moisturize your skin. This step will save you from having a dry skin or worse a chronic eczema. Moisturize your skin on daily basis to see better results.

  1. Make Sure Your Moisturizer Has The Following Ingredients:

Before buying a moisturizer for yourself, always see the ingredients used in making it. Often times, some ingredients are not suitable for dry skin and therefore it gives a burning effect when you apply it. So make sure it has the following ingredients in it. First is, dimethicone, a silicone that helps keep your skin moist. Hyaluronic acid, mineral oil, petroleum jelly above all are all recommended for dry skin. Make sure your moisturizer has all these before you buy it.

  1. Exfoliate Often:

how to Get Rid Of Dry Skin

This step is not only recommended for people with dry skin but for all skin types. Exfoliation is a major step in terms of skincare. It basically is the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin. Which not only causes new skin cells to grow but also circulates the blood in those areas which gives you a better and healthy glowing skin. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dry skin, since dry skin is caused by dead cells when they become over dried. So if you want your skin to be healthy, exfoliate twice a week at least. You will see the results soon.

  1. Use Cold Creams In Winter:

Get Rid Of Dry Skin

People with dry skin can have a very hard time dealing with their skin, since the dryness gets real, so does the it itching and irritation. To cope up with dry skin in winter, use cold creams. Cold creams help you keep skin hydrated and moisturized. It works sames as a moisturizer but the only difference is that it is mostly recommended for dry skin types since it feels heavy on oily skin types.

  1. Always Apply Sunscreen:

how to protect yourself from sun

Sunscreen has numerous benefits, it protects your skin from being damaged by the harmful UV rays. These rays can cause you sunburn, discoloration, wrinkles, sagging, and a dry patchy skin. Heat causes dryness. So if you want to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays, always before leaving home, apply a sunscreen. Your skin will improve so much from it.

  1. Avoid Applying Makeup On Daily Basis:

tips for dry face

Wearing makeup on daily basis can have side effects if you do not take precautions like moisturizing your skin, toning and cleansing your skin before bed. If you can’t do all that for your skin in daily basis then you better should avoid using makeup daily because it might clog your pores, other than that there is a risk of bacterial buildup. It can lead to having a rough and drier skin, or cause you breakouts. So avoid applying makeup daily to let your skin breathe.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

how to stay protected from sun rays

Having a healthy skin does not only mean apply a moisturizer and your skin recovered. Yes, hydrating your skin can be done by applying a moisturizer but hydrating yourself internally can have some really good effects on your skin especially if you want to Get Rid Of Dry Skin. If you need healthy skin, you need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water. Water purifies your insides, therefore giving your skin a fresh and healthy life. It not only kills the toxins but also will give your skin a glow. It also reduces the rate of breakouts. In general, drinking water can cure your dryness as exposing your skin to water can increase it.

  1. Try Home Remedies:

Home remedies are the best. Some people feel that home remedies are best because they do not harm your skin by the side effects. Well, they do wonders on the skin. If you are more into trying home remedies, then treat your dry skin by using coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil before going to bed.

You can try an oatmeal mask for exfoliating your skin. Shea butter or any homemade body butter is best to use a moisturizer before bed. This will help you make your skin be healthy and radiant.


Make a skincare routine for yourself, and act on it. Your skin needs the same care as anything. But the catch is to be regular in following the routine. Try these tips on Hoe to Get Rid Of Dry Skin and lets us know how they worked for you. Or if you know any better remedy, share it with us in the comments below. Remember, your skincare is as important as you are!

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