If you are new at this, then this is the right place you have come to. If you are thinking to adopt a pet, then you may as well go through these ways on how to be a responsible pet mom/dad.

Remember, taking care of a pet is same as taking care of a baby. You have to be extra careful and vigilant about their actions and behavior, their moods and their routines. Training them to be well behaved takes the same efforts as it does for a baby. Here’s how you can be responsible for them.

  1. Name Your Pet:

how to take care of pets

All of you might question as to how the naming of a pet can make you responsible. I will tell you how. Naming is the basic essential of having to be responsible for them. Name them something you know you will call them with and not something you don’t call them with, and they can’t recognize it then. Animals are just like us; you name them something, you call them by that; they will respond to it. If you keep changing names, your pet will not respond to any will be disobedient. So make the right choice when choosing what to name them. Name them something easy for them to pick too, even if it’s hard but if you use it frequently, they will learn it. Once you pick a name, stick to it then.

  1. Make Them A Part Of Your Family:

how to take care of cats

Pets are not just for decoration in our house. They are family. Once you get a pet, you make them a part of your family. You treat them as a family so that they can bond easily with you and the rest of the members. They have sentiments just like we do. They feel just like we do. So if you consider them family, they will consider you like family too, and in times of need they will help you, comfort you in ways they can. So never make them feel left out or as a property or burden, make them feel at home like a family and you will experience the love you have never experienced before.

  1. Make Them Proper House/Bedding:

how to take care of pets

If you are new pet mommy or daddy, make sure you make them a proper house for sleeping. If it’s a dog, make a kennel, make it cozy by providing it with cushions and blankets. If you keep it indoors, dedicate a corner for their bedding. Similarly, with cats, they need bedding too, though cats take over any place they want. Cats being cats!

Whichever pet you have, if you want to adapt ways on how to be a responsible pet mom/dad,make they are comfortable where they are supposed to sleep. If they are scared there, make sure you be with them till the fall asleep so they feel secure and protected. Clean their bedding regularly, to avoid fleas and ticks.

  1. Give Them Meals On Time:

Responsibility comes with feeding your fur babies on time. Just like actual human babies, they have a rhythm too, once adapted to that, they will demand food on that particular time, make sure you give them food on their specific time. Don’t give them food on irregular times as that will spoil them and make them over eat resulting in obesity, which is harmful for animals. Proper amount of food on proper timings.

how to take care of dogs

Get to know what your pet likes, make a meal schedule for them, change it every day or every meal. Don’t bore them with the same food every day, they can get sick of it. If they are reactive to certain food items, avoid giving them those.

  1. Give Them Attention:

Animals crave attention just like we do. If you don’t attend them they will grow distant from you, and you will notice this in their behavior. Like said earlier, they show sentiments too, they can become moody and distressed if they don’t get your attention enough. Make sure you give them your time, so they bond with you. Always remember that for them you are all they have, you might have others for your company but they only have you, so don’t make them feel left out. Play with them and talk to them.

  1. Treat Them With Love And Care:

Animals are empathetic more than humans are. They understand love more than we do. If you treat them with love and care, they will give you back love and care. Always give them as much love as you can. To train them or show them how things are done, always show love and care. This way they will develop love for you. If you be rude or aggressive with them they will only fear you, and do things in fear of you. There will be no love. So be gentle with them. They cannot speak but they do show it through their actions. A Responsible Pet Mom/dad shall understand the signs.

  1. Bathe Them Regularly:

Animals do clean themselves but it depends on animal to animal. Some of them are like naughty children who dirty themselves every day. But whether or not they make themselves dirty. Spare one day in a week for their grooming. Bathe them and groom their fur by brushing them regularly. Regular grooming can save them from having fleas or ticks, which are also harmful to human beings. So make sure your pet is clean.

  1. Potty Train Them:

Animals are not potty trained by themselves. You have to teach them how and where to do it. How babies are taught to only go the toilet when needed to. Same is with animals, you have to train them to use their litter or go outside when need to pee/poo. Whenever you sense they are about to, take them to the specific place till they do it. Keep doing this, they will learn it. If they are stubborn enough, reward them with a treat after they do it.

  1. Clean Their Litter:

Change their litter when its full. Otherwise they will not attend it and it will smell bad. Make sure you scoop it regularly so you don’t have to have a big mess when its full. But do clean it otherwise they will find another place to litter.

  1. Teach Them Patience And Obedience:

Animals can be a little impatient and disobedient when it comes to food but it’s nothing to worry about. Just like humans, you can teach them too. It’s okay if you need to scold them where needed to but don’t be harsh on them or they will go rogue. Be gentle and make them understand with love. Give them food only when you tell them to wait for it, unless they are not obedient do not give them food. They understand easily and learn quickly, so they will behave. Upon learning, give them a treat for job well done.

Give us your feedback in the comments about how to be a responsible pet mom/dad you got along with your new pets and what ways did you try with them so far.

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