A Responsible teen always wins the game. Teenage is a very crucial age, no doubt. Your personality, your likes, and dislikes, your life decisions, choices, goals are set in this period. But this period comes with its bad as well, like bad company driving you to do things you shouldn’t be doing, bad grades, lack of attention, and whatnot. Such things can affect a teenager a lot, to a point that he can be careless and reckless. But you don’t want to become like that and rather be responsible, then follow these 10 baby steps to keep yourself committed to your responsibilities.

Set a routine for yourself:

If you want to be a responsible teen, start by setting a routine for yourself. From your school to your homework, make a detailed routine, and follow it without skipping tasks. This routine will help you get into a responsible system. When you put your things to do on a list and start doing them one by one, you actually save a lot of time. So if you want you to be responsible for your things, start doing them yourself.

How To Be A Responsible Teen

Divide your work into specific timings:

Setting a routine is easy, but dividing it in specific timings can get tricky. You need to do all your work within the set time. The most responsible thing you can do is manage your time. Time management is not as easy as one thinks it is. You have to actually practice doing things in a given time to keep it that way. After setting your routine, manage your time, and divide your tasks in that time.

Do your chores:

Chores will make you responsible enough. Don’t frown when your mom tells you to do chores. Take part actively as it will make you responsible for handling household duties. You will learn how to handle things at home so, when you grow up and, you’re on your own, you will have no problem in doing things yourself. Start doing your chores daily, start off with minimum work.

How To Be A Responsible Teen

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Do your homework:

Homework should be taken seriously. Whenever you get homework, do it that day rather than procrastinating and delaying it. It will keep piling, and then become a burden for you on the last day. You should do your homework regularly. It will also help you in your grades.

Prepare for your tests and exams beforehand:

In case you don’t have homework, take out time to study. It is not necessary you only take our time for homework; you should daily give one hour to studies whether or not you have tests coming up. If you study daily, you will not have a burden for your exams. It will also help you in class, quizzes, tests, etc. Studying daily also helps in understanding what you studied that day. At times, some students don’t understand in class, so when you go home, study it, do your research, you will understand better. Be a responsible teen no matter.

How To Be A Responsible Teen

Spend your pocket money wisely:

In your teens, you get an allowance or pocket money on a monthly or weekly basis. This money is used for your basic school necessities. You should spend it wisely. Starting handling your finances wisely from your teens, you will become responsible enough to handle your finances with ease. You should buy things that are useful and needed, do not spend money on things you don’t really need.

Save a quarter of your allowance:

Make a list of things you need, only buy those that you can. Make sure you save a quarter of your allowance or pocket money. You should manage your savings by not spending this quarter and saving it every month. You can use it for some major wish list item or an emergency, or for traveling. These savings will trigger your responsibility. You will be able to save as well. Savings are always a lifesaver. When we desperately need money, our savings come to the rescue. So save a quarter of your allowance.

How To Be A Responsible Teen

Work for your goals:

Set goals for yourself and then work for them. When you decide about what you want to be, you save yourself a great deal of time. Teenage is your building block; you need to lay your foundations at this time and then work hard for your goals. When you take your goals seriously only then can you achieve your dreams?

Don’t Waste time:

Pro tip: don’t waste your teenage life. I know teens think this is the time to party and hang out with friends, doing things you shouldn’t be doing. Let’s be honest, as fun as it sounds, it’s not. These things can put you into serious trouble that can ruin your entire career before it even starts. Oftentimes, people get distracted by a bad company into doing illegal things and for fun. Don’t allow yourself to fall into these traps. They may be fun for now, but they have a price you will pay for life long. It is better you set your goals and work hard to achieve them. Working hard certainly does not mean you don’t have any fun at all; you should hang out with your friends, do what you love, but in limits. Don’t cross lines where you have to bear losses you won’t be ready for.

Engage yourself with the right company:

Teenage is a very crucial time of your life. And friends play a very big role in shaping your life. You will meet good friends and bad friends; you need to be responsible for your present and future by choosing the right company for yourself. Your bad friends may tempt you a lot but you need to make the right choice for your better self because tomorrow those bad friends will take you nowhere but down the hill. If you want a future, and a better living, choose your friends wisely because they will influence you a lot in this period of time.

How To Be A Responsible Teen

I hope this article helps you in becoming a responsible teen. Trust me, it is not hard to become responsible; you just need to start by taking these baby steps. You will surely become a very responsible adult. Tell us in the comments below how this article has helped you.

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