Everyone these days is obsessed with being “cool,” they want to adopt every manner that not only makes them look cool, talk cool, but be recognized as a cool person.

So what does being cool even mean? Alternatively, what is that everyone wants to be so blindly? For starters, being cool for people means to be someone who looks trendy and talks or acts in that “I don’t care” attitude. You have to have the most trendy dressing along with the most chill way of talking to be cool. But, is that so?

Is pretending to be what you are not okay? People get the entire meaning behind “being cool” very wrong. To be cool does not mean to have a killer so not your style. Being cool is rather about “BEING YOURSELF.”

That’s it! It’s that simple; there is no rocket science, if you want to be cool, you have to learn to be yourself first of all. Only then can you progress towards how you want to express it. Know that being cool is being “unique” and to be unique, you have to be yourself, all of yourself, with all your thoughts, your mind, your actions, your habits, and hobbies everything!! That is the first step to being a cool person. Because there is no other you on this planet, and that makes you super special!

With that being said, you don’t have to be like other people of your age, looking for artificial things to incorporate in their behavior so you can look cool. Here are very simple tips with which you can appear cooler while still being your very own self.

Own Who You Are:

how to be cool

To be cool, you must first of all own who you are. Owning who you are means, to really accept yourself for who you are as a person, accept everything about yourself and be proud about it, not caring what mean things others have to say about you, letting go of others thoughts about you and loving yourself for who you are. This automatically lets you be proud of yourself which gives you the confidence you need to be cool.

Learn About Various Dressing Styles:

how to be cool

Explore explore, explore! Trust me when I tell you, it’s never too late to explore! Start by learning about new trends and fashion over the internet, learn about different styles of clothes, different clothing hacks, things you can layer over or wear as single piece, learn about shoe pair-ups, hairstyles, accessories, etc.

From all of the above, after you do your research, pick up the clothes you love the most, all the styles, the designs and ways which make you feel yourself and the most comfortable.

Now try incorporating those styles in your routine. You will feel different, positive and pumped with new energy.

Be Kind And Gentle:

It does not matter who you are or what you are trying to be if you are not gentle enough to others and show kindness; then you can never be a good human. Being cool does mean to be carefree, but being carefree of others ill thoughts, if someone genuinely needs help or support. It would help if you were kind enough to have feelings to step up for them.

how to be cool

Explore Your Hobbies:

Make a list of everything that you love to do and everything that you want to do. After you make a list. Try doing each of those things, the things you love the most of the things you think you can do easily with love are the hobbies you should stick to. Hobbies give your life meaning and add up to be a cool person. Remember that cool people always have fun things to do, things that they love.

how to be cool

Do What You Love And Own it:

Talking about exploring hobbies, you should always be proud of what you do, be it a hobby, an adventure, your job, or anything else. Be proud of them, act like you own them and defend them every time because those are the things that make you special and different. 

Exploring Music And Movies:

being cool

Tune in your radio (phone) and start listening to new songs, connect yourself to the top music and movies and start exploring. Then pick a few artists that you like and check for your new favorite moves every time based on genre. Movies not only give people something to talk about but also improve your insights a lot.

Know What is Happening Around You

Keeping full know-how about what is happening around you is important. It is important to know these things so you can engage in fruitful and better conversations for tomorrow. A knowing person automatically looks more attractive and appealing than a person who has no idea about things. Know things and be cool.

how to be cool

Incorporate Reading in Your Lifestyle:

Reading is one of the greatest treasures in life, which not only gives you a purpose but also drastically increase your knowledge. People who read are automatically smarter than those who don’t. Plus they know more about life, different behavior, people and how to tackle these things. This gives them confidence in who they are, this appearing much cooler

Practice Self Love: 

Self-love is the basic element or the recipe ingredient to be a cool or chill person. If you love yourself and you genuinely believe in who you are and in your abilities. If you do not care for what others say. You are someone who invests time and energy in themselves and tries to be better both for themselves and also when it comes to engaging with other people. They definitely won the title to being cool.

how to be cool

Never forget who you are.

These were some tips on how to be cool. You really don’t have to be an extrovert to appear much cooler than others. You can be an introvert and still have a personality others admire or find cool. Its all about you and how you work on yourself to appear the way you want to be.


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