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The real question is whether you are a proactive person or a reactive person? Both categories have their perks, but one has more than the other. Yes, you must have guessed right, its proactivity.

The distinction between proactive and reactive is that people who are proactive tend to keep themselves prepared for whatever is to come their way. For instance, if life gave them lemons, instead of whining they’d make lemonade out of it. While reactive people wait until something happens, and then they make a move, which most of the times is an irrational move. Reactive people have a plus point to make a decision in the heat of the moment, which has higher risks of failing but in rare cases, it can be successful.

However, from schools and colleges to office jobs, proactivity is admired and sought in candidates. This is because proactive students and employees are the smartest and can contribute much more to the table than reactive people who mostly have decisions based on illogical reasons.

Proactivity is a behavior, and behaviors can be adopted at any time if a person is determined to follow the footsteps of such behavior. Any person can be proactive. If you are a reactive person and want to minimize your reactivity and be more proactive to be productive, then adopt the following qualities, and you will be good to go.

Think Ahead:

The key to being proactive is to think. Think about all minor or major plans which you have on your mind. If you think about what is to come and how to handle it, you will be well prepared when the time is actually at your door.

how to be proactive

Predict your in comings, whether good or bad, then think about what could you possibly do to prevent it or to overcome it. Let’s suppose; you have a huge party coming up by the end of the year, which means you will be spending a lot of money. So instead of waiting for that time and them freaking out because you are short on money, try saving bit by bit for it every month. This is thinking ahead, so even if the times you’ll be ready.


Plan your strategy today. Proactive people act accordingly because they have everything sort out in their heads because they plan. They are always one or two steps ahead of what comes their way. Planning not only helps them from the problems that may arise in future, but also secures a successful future for them because when you take a step, it is always linked to your second step, so what you plan for now will be resulting in your future. Therefore, if you gotta be proactive, you gotta start planning for whatever cases you have at desk, big or small.


Prioritize your tasks. One way to keep your plans in work is to do your task which is the most important to you. If you have a never-ending list if tasks, then check the ones which are the most important ones. Start your days by doing them first and if you have spare time left, then carry on with the least important ones. This way you will save yourself time and energy to do other things, being proactive. Having to do all things all at once is what a reactive person would do, this will consume most of  your time and waste your energy, so avoid that.


Proactive people do not only think and plan, but they also act as well. And they hold themselves accountable for their actions. If they think about something, they plan a strategy; they will do whatever is in their power to enforce it by their actions, in bringing their thoughts and plans into reality. These are a true goal setter and goal achiever, people. They do not only think and talk, but they also act and prove it.

Focus On Things In Your Power:

To be a proactive person, have your focus centered on things that are in your power to change. You cannot change what is not in your power or control; you can only stress out about it and make yourself miserable by the unnecessary stress you take. You will end up harming your mental health only. Instead, focus on things that you can change which are in your power and control to do so. For instance, you can’t change what people think about you, but you can change yourself to be a better and bigger person.

Be Responsible:

One of the good qualities of a proactive person is that they are responsible people. They take responsibility for what they want to do and what they are supposed to do. If they want to achieve something, they will make sure they do whatever is in their power to do to achieve it, instead of blaming other people and circumstances. They hold themselves accountable for their doings because they have taken the responsibility to do them. If they have a goal set, they will take full responsibility in getting it done, and if anything comes their way they are will accountable for it.


Proactivity gives you courage, and people who are proactive love to participate whether its a job meeting or friends and family gathering. They participate in discussions, ideas, innovations, suggestions. They just don’t limit themselves to sidelines taking other people’s suggestions and opinions, they participate themselves and share what they have in minds. They always bring innovative ideas to the table which amaze their colleagues, friends, and family. So participate actively.

Be Persistent:

Proactive people are not flaky; they don’t shift right to the left or left to right from decisions. They decide wisely looking into all the possible probabilities and strike, and then they stick to what they have decided because of the determination they have for their goal. This is being persistent. Proactive people are persistent by nature, unlike reactive people who may change their decisions any moment as a result of a reaction. Proactive people think, and plan, and then follow it in persistence to get it done, slowly and gradually bit by bit.

Don’t Procrastinate:

The main sign of proactive people is that they do not procrastinate. They are always active either by thinking ahead for their plans or participating in giving and sharing new ideas. They do not waste time on useless tasks. They rather are doing what is the most important task for then to save their time and energy.

Engage With Motivated People:

If you want to be proactive, adopt all the above qualities as well as surrounding yourself with positive and motivated people who will help you motivate by pushing you to participate and play your part in planning and organizing a strategy. This spirit will make you proactive in less time. Do not spend your time with people who will dull your aura and energy to do something. You need motivation, so energize yourself with motivated people.