Interpersonal Communication Skills

These are a few lifetime tactics of  our day to day operations (actions) between two or more people, inside or outside an organization. Every organization demands employees equipped with standing out Interpersonal Communication Skills. It involves relationships building among Seniors, Subordinates and Peers.  Likewise Wikipedia Says, it includes the exchange of messages through Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. But the best to interpret it “Face-to-Face Communication” where the flow of information is governed by some authority. Moreover, this skill has got much more than words. It includes the tone of the message, attitude and body Language while you interact with someone.

Keep in Mind: Interpersonal Communication skills are those where more than one person (or machine nowadays) participates. Whereas Intra-personal Communication Skills are those where one talk to himself/herself. Such as what comes on your mind when you think of buying the shirt or something? That time, you talk to yourself about its colour, size and particularly you think how you would look in it! Choose the best One!

Who require interpersonal Communication skills the most?


Need to Periodically work on their  communication Skills, particularly the interpersonal communication skills, because knolwegde updateing is necessary in order to face the umpcoming situation.  Also, they can maintain Integrity, Confidentiality and Smooth profitable Services.



Who are new to any field, or organization, need to keep both eyes on the flow of information inside the concerned organization. It helps in building reputation. Learning from Seniors-Their Strengths and weaknesses- is the best choice for newbies. It boosts the leadership Skills inside the end-users. And I strongly advise everyone to be under the supervision of at least one (or more) mentor.

10 Best Tips To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills:
10. Be a Good Listener:

Speaking generally, we make lots of mistakes- on routine base-just because of our less effective listening skills. Every human is capable of reshaping tremendous things but the barriers to listening, degrade our performance. We should be mentally and physically present while interacting with others. Focus on a One thing at a time because human mind can perform at lightning speed when it is concentrated.

9. Be Self-aware:

Self-awareness is the first step to organizing your Words. Remember that people often don’t devote much attention to what you say rather they observe the attitude and tone behind the words. A smiling face with wonderful words selection is the perfect combination to have it.

8. Appreciate your peers: 

When you find them resourceful and tactful. when you come to know that they are interested and trying to learn, Appreciate their small improvements in work-Place. So they would become unstoppable. They would build a strong relation with you.

7. Think, Think and Act:

Our every decision is unnecessary to be right, we are vulnerable to mistakes and this is what makes us “Human being”. In order to maximize the chances of success, we should think again and again on every matter inside workplace.

6. Talk about Bigger Ideas:

Even if someone doesn’t perceive it. It strengthens your belief system, reshapes the way you think, and most importantly it nominates you one of the credible persons.  Excuse me for my ignorance if i exaggerate here but a few statements like Perception of Realities, Disk Theory and words Association, many more have greater effect on everyone who is unfamiliar to these terminologies. It makes you smarter, sharper and intellectual when you know how to improve Interpersonal Communication Skills.

5. The SGP Tactic:

Speak softly, Gently and Politely: It Always works when you use the right level words that contains softness and politeness. But these two are not enough unless you reinforce them with a gentle attitude (Situation Dependent).

NOTE:  Aggressiveness should be the last option in the worst case.

4. Be Respectful:

If you expect the same kind of respect for yourself, not only inside but also outside the organization, during Interpersonal communication Skills.Respect is power and power is happiness.

GOLDEN TIP:  Be a kid with kids, Younger with younger and act like a wise with the wisest.

3. Accept and Learn from your mistakes:

It is one of the most sophisticated and universally accepted fact that one can gain experience only when we make mistakes. But unfortunately, many people gave up after an attempt or so. Because of their low Self-esteem and Self-belief. Believe in yourself in all circumstance.

2. Focus on Your Personal Target(s):

Even if you are the part of any organization. You are unsupposed to spend your whole time (life) there. So it’s essential that you accomplish your current objectives that empower you to achieve the bigger ones. Your ultimate Life Goal Should be Specific, planned and Achievable.

Here is #1:

Be Thankful for the life that you have and you will be blessed with more than that. There are more than millions of people out there who can only afford to dream the way your life is!