We Appreciate You Read Our Website Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses and manages a customer or client’s data.

It includes your Personal information-not limited such as your name, address, occupation, and date of birth. Additionally, it may also consider nationality, religion, medical and financial record for smooth services and success.
Briefly, the following outlines clearly state our privacy policy which is not only in the best interest of our users, followers but also for Divergense. However, we never manipulate the data of our subscribers without their consent. We merely require their information just to observe the taste, flavors and interest of the people. So that we bring the most credible, reliable and nature-friendly products to the world.


We collect information from Google, Online surveys and Researches. We provide authentic, and updated information on education, Awareness, Technology and Entertainment. For subscriptions and registration, we collect user name, email, password and contact information only through common search terms such as User registration form, sign up forms, log files, intentionally clicked links, and cookies. We require this data because it encourages us bring the most encyclopedic knowledge, devices and happiness to the people.


Divergense.com is being monitored by one of the best security Systems that keeps our every user data secure from potential threats. However, we do not take 100% guaranteed because of the vast number of vulnerabilities in the cyber-world.


In the same way, we maintain our data (including the user data) safe and secure from third person or parties.


Divergense.com is committed to safeguarding the integrity of the site and the registered users.


We do not share anyone’s information (contact info) with any firms, company or third party. We allocate quality posts, blogs and articles among everyone but not on the cost of our outstanding user. Record Deletion/updating and modification: Divergense.com gives free-hands to its users to easily modify their personal information any time. Similarly, Divergense.com has the authority to delete a user record, or permanently discard it.


We will keep updating our privacy policy. There, a notification email will be sent on the email that we get after registration. Similarly, news about blogs, posts, and products will also be sent to those emails which are registered with us.


Our content is generated organically, and we do not allow anyone to use our articles and blogs without our consent. In violation to this clause, we have the authority to discuss cyber laws.


We value humans more than anything, and there we are devoted to maintaining and bringing happiness on every human face.