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Self-Awareness is when you have knowledge about your own personality, character, feelings and motives, according to the oxford dictionary. Yes that’s right but dear oxford everyone doesn’t perceive your definition. Because I am going to make it simple for you.

Self-Awareness is having knowledge about yourself. How much do you know about yourself? Did you ever try to explore your strengths and weaknesses? Moreover, it is the first step towards self-belief and self- confidence.

Though the process of understanding of one’s own feelings and emotions would not be easy. But anyone can learn how to be self-aware. So that we could understand other people’s feeling and emotions as well. Nonetheless, it is guaranteed it would make you an emotional intelligent person because Self-Awareness is all about identifying the internal state of the whole body. Including your brain. The most powerful processing machine on this planet. Similarly, when you start exploring your own abilities and weaknesses, you will come knowing how strong you are, how make plans for achieving small objectives and? I dare you bit much more vital targets. If you need, guidance then catches me later on Always Set your Targets Bigger, but for now, this blog will you give easy to understand guidelines on self-awareness so keep reading and enhance a self-aware person.  My Definition of Self-awareness is: “When you be aware of the reason of your internal happiness, especially, when it can be seen on your face”

Self-Awareness Background work:

For the first time in 1972, Psychologists Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund presented the self-awareness theory which states; “When we focus our attention on ourselves, we evaluate and compare our current behavior to our internal standards and values. We become self-conscious as objective evaluators of ourselves. In pleasant words, the aim of this theory is to explore ourselves because when we compare our current state of mind and life with other people lives and things, then we try to improve current state of life. Because human cannot stay at one condition whole life. Change lies in his very nature.  “Be thankful for who you are and what you have, now!”

Benefits of Self-Awareness:

1. Your mind starts working properly:

Whenever you think about your abilities and strengths, you really gain confidence. Somehow in dangling the situation. But still you start finding the best sources to solve the problem. At that time you try to discover the best sources to solve the problem and there your mind starts working independently

2. You Gain Knowledge:

When you know you are so strong, after facing so many thing, you try to find the most appropriate path to go. Where you spread happiness like a summer rain. The first step according to my definition to success is that you must know you are happy. If not, do it firstly. The universe is full of wonders, and everyone is playing one of the most valuable roles. But which role you want to play? That’s your duty to find your speciality. Reading is one of the best sources of knowledge. 

3. Confidence building:

It represents the next phase when you have knowledge. Majority of the people I have seen, meet, still interact are those who wants build up their confidence. Majority of them join organization, seminars and activities based workshops, which are fantastic, but they are not the only sources.

Personally, i believe two things are most important for boosting your self-confidence.

  • When you are right: Use the Best Words. Politeness with Attitude is much better.
  • When you have knowledge: Then You Get Power. Power Is Respect!

Generally speaking, everyone appreciates, likes and accepts an enticing move without any planning. Such as if say that you are one of those people who passionately loves to work on self-awareness. And this is what makes you a smart person. Seriously man, people are busy in watching, doing so many other things. Similarly, when you know you are right and you are unafraid of anyone. That’s the phase that you need to stand. Be responsible for what you said. Always try making things out. 

Beautiful ways:

There are millions of people out there who really don’t even know what life is because they are just living and dreaming physically. Because of our ignorance, they are suffering. But what you and I can do is to read more and more about our realm. So that you could become a self-aware person because I want you to know that self-awareness is the key to success. 

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