Manipulation is an art form, a crude art, but art nonetheless. You might have experienced some sort of manipulation in your daily life. Whether it be by your hand or by someone else. Manipulation essentially gets you what you want or need out of someone or something. Today, Lets discuss, tricks to manipulate people’s minds, or spotting a manipulator of minds.

Businessmen, sellers as well as the people around you use manipulation as a tool to attract you to a product, deal or investment. You help them to create an imaginary situation for you that seems more appealing than it is. In a way, it tricks your mind into thinking that the possibility that is being presented to you is the best option that you can have. 

What makes this tactic so effective? Well, for starters, manipulation creates a certain level of relatability that someone can relate to or feel a certain type of way about said situation. It causes an emotional response strong enough to garner the desired result. All of which are linked to psychology. A good manipulator is one that understands a person’s weakness or is able to make him/herself sound convincing to everyone else. There are certain inklings or signs for these tactics that you can observe yourself when you are talking to a seller or someone you feel like only manipulates you.

Here’s a list of some psychological tricks that will aid you in distinguishing if someone is being genuine or is trying to manipulate you.


Nod Your Head

nodding to manipulate people's minds

You heard it. Nodding your head is an actual trick that has scientific research backing it up. Essentially, if you want someone to agree with you or if you want someone to do something for you, just nod your head as you speak. Studies show that, when someone speaks and nods their head at the same time, the person is very likely to see this and start nodding their head as well, essentially making it easier for them to agree on whatever the first person is saying. It’s based off on the ‘monkey see, monkey does’ phenomenon and it occurs subconsciously.


Body Language

body language to manipulate people's minds

Body language is an important tool for investigators that tells more about a person, their behavior, their nervousness, and their state of mind. People are social animals, and most of our communication is non-verbal (almost 93 percent of all communication) that means that what we see or relate to, we find a link with. So, if you meet someone and you mimic their body language, speech or their attitude, they are more likely to be attracted to you, listen to you and do stuff for you. It’s like, sharing interests. People that have more similarities form friendships much easier and are more inclined to do things for one another.

If someone is trying their best to mimic what you do or like, chances are they are trying to manipulate you. When someone is genuine, their body language will show that so it’s important to keep a check on what’s happening around you. Isn’t this an interesting one of the tricks to manipulate people’s minds?


Using People’s Names

conversations to manipulate people's minds

It seems pretty simple, right? But what is its actual effect? Well, to a person, their name is the core of their identity. You are more likely to respond to your actual name than any other pet name or address. When someone uses one’s name in conversation, it makes them feel important, validated and respected — all these things make a person feel pride.

So, when you feel appreciated or validated, you are more inclined towards that person, to be nicer to them or to do what they ask for. This is because you got good vibes from them just because they used your name in a conversation. Simple but very effective.


Repeating things

repeat to manipulate people's mindsOne of the best ways to establish a communication link, bond or trust is to listen to someone. And not just act like you’re listening but to really hear them out. This is also very effective that if you repeat what has just been said back to the person. They will feel validated that ‘oh, this person actually cares about what I have to say’. This will create a feeling of trust.

Psychiatrists/psychologists often use this trick to try to understand their patients better. In this way, the patient feels as if they are being heard to and hence, opens himself up more.

Speaking quickly

speak fast

Doing so can create a sense of alarm and urgency. This will make the person attentive and fully focused on what you’re trying to relay to them. Since they will perceive the situation as urgent, they will be more inclined to help you out.
Speaking faster doesn’t give the person enough time to  perceive what is being said to them. They think about all the possible consequences so it’s an easy tool for people to use to manipulate you.

Speaking in such a manner establishes the image of strong opinion and personality which makes people trust easily. That is one of the tricks to manipulate people’s minds.

Smile before talking

smile is one of the tricks to manipulate people's minds

Smiling is also an assuring factor and gesture. If you smile at the right time or before a conversation, the other person feels at ease with you. They get comfortable, in a way, establish a trust level with you. However, it needs to be kept in mind that this trick only works in certain scenarios. Smiling at every given a chance or at an inappropriate moment may only result in a reaction.

Awareness of time and opportunity

Manipulators know when to strike. As they aim for weaknesses or an opening, they don’t waste time attacking. They study their subjects well, garner their trust before they start to sway them into their ways and requests. You won’t even know about it till you are wrapped in deep within their web of creative absurdism.

To spot that, you need to see how people act around you in your difficult and happy times. You will find that most of the people around you only try to benefit off of you during your happy hours. That are the times where you least expect it.

Making large requests

You might have seen shopkeepers do this a lot. They will price something at a very high rate and then drop it down really quickly to a price that is suited for them. But for the buyer, the dropped down price seems more reasonable than the first one so they go for that.
In a way, when someone asks for a huge favor and you say no. You are more inclined to accept a favor that is scaled down which eventually just ends up turning into the initial favor itself.

Someone’s Weakness is Someone Else’s Strength

tricks to manipulate people's minds

As we have established, manipulators know their targets well, they know what to say or what to do. They know about their every weakness and insecurities and use those to their advantage. When someone has more knowledge about you, they will try to use it against you, guilting you into doing things they want. It’s one of the most common things or signs in a manipulative person.



There you go. There were some tricks to manipulate people’s minds. try them out and let us know how they worked out for you. If you know any other tricks, let us know about them as well. We will put those tricks to the test as well.

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