Cartoons and animated movies are for the entertainment of kids. With Time, the quality and storylines of these movies became so interesting that even adults started watching these movies and now children and adults go together to watch all the newly released animated movies. There are many blockbusters and Oscar-winning animated movies. As a fan of these animated movies, I have watched many of these movies, and here is a list of the top 10 all-time best-animated movies.


1.   The Lion King

the lion king animated movie

Let’s agree to the fact that nothing can beat The Lion king. The story, the character, the valuable lessons, the emotional scenes, and the soundtrack everything is on point. The opening is such impactful. After watching the opening, people expect very high from the movie, and the movie doesn’t disappoint the viewer. It delivers such an outstanding story that everyone is happy to watch. The reality of a lion’s life is in this movie, and it teaches valuable lessons, for instance, good times and bad times both are temporary. Nothing is forever and that all problems have solutions if one doesn’t give up. Stand up to take care of your responsibilities, and that is the way you’ll succeed.


2. Toy Story

toy story is an animated movie

The story about all the toys humans own are alive and have a secret life and understand very well if their owner loves them. This movie has some adult humor. It shows the friendship of Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear to be very impactful. Friendship can often start on a wrong scale, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t ever be friends. The challenge of facing a greater enemy brings like-minded people together who become partners initially to deal with the problem and later become good friends.

3. Finding Nemo

one of the best animated movies

Story of a fish who lost his mother to a shark when he was just an egg. Who was taken care of by his father for the rest of his life, his father is a very overprotective and strict parent” until one day he gets caught by humans and taken to live in an aquarium and his father taken on an adventure to find his son. The movie has some scenes which would make a grown man cry.


4. Alladin

alladin is one of the best animated movie

Story of a person, Aladdin, in Egypt who lives alone after his parents passed away, the only family he has is his pet monkey, Abu, and is in love with the princess. On the other side the advisor to Sultan, Jaffar, seeks a lamp present in the cave of wonders. Only a diamond in the rough can enter that cave. Apparently Aladdin found the diamond in the rough, and he gets the lamp from which a genie comes out to grant him 3 wishes, of which he wants to use 2 wishes to marry the princess and the third to free the genie from the lamp.


5. The Incredibles

best animated movie

Among the top 10 all-time best animated movies, this must be on fifth. It is the story of some people possessing superpowers, Mr.Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone. After the ban on the use of superpowers they start living their normal lives, and Mr. Incredible married Elastigirl, and their kids also possess superpowers. And they together take on a mission to stop a villain Syndrome. This movie shows how a family sticks together in the time, irrespective of how many internal conflicts they may have.


6. Wall-E

wall-e is one of the best animated movies

This movie is an awesome blend of psychology and technology. The innocence of a robot named Wall-E leaves people in awe. Wall-e stays at the earth for cleaning. Another robot, Eve has been sent to earth to find signs of life on earth. They both fall in love, and Wall-E travels to space with Eve in the spaceship she came into another larger Axion. Humans live in the axion after earth becomes inhabitable.


7. Frozen

frozen is the top best movie

Story of a princess cursed with powers of ice, Elsa, spends her whole life in a room to avoid causing any problems until her parents; king and queen leave the kingdom to travel by sea where they get caught in a storm and die. The cursed Princess has to step up to become the queen. Her curse creating problems and scaring people makes her leave the kingdom and live among the mountains where she can learn how to control her powers without harming anyone.


8. Up

UP is the best

The emotions this movie awakes in people has made it reach the list of top 10 all-time best-animated has a touching story of a kid who has big dreams of adventures, marries the woman he loves. He shares his dreams with her, and they start saving money for the adventures together, shortly this happy life of their taken sudden turns when his wife falls ill and the treatment costs them savings of their whole life. Still unsuccessful in treatment, his wife passes away leaving him alone in the world. A kid persuaded him to take up his dream of adventure again and gives him hope to live after all his loss.


9. Big Hero 6

animated movies

This movie is about the companionship of a project robot nurse named Baymax and Hiro Hamada brother of Tadashi Hamada, who created Baymax. It has many emotional scenes that leave people in tears. The death scene of Tadashi Hamada and later scene of his memories makes people feel heartbroken. Hiro Hamada joins with Baymax, and friends of Tadashi Hamada to avenge the death of Tadashi Hamada, who was killed by his professor Robert Callaghan.


10.  Kungfu Panda

all time best animated movie

Story-based in China. The selection of the legendary dragon warrior was about to happen from the candidate’s Tigress, Crane, Monkey, Viper, and Mantis. Apparently the dragon warrior falls out of the sky, being a Panda named Po having no training of Kungfu having an addiction to food. His master finds an interesting way of training.



Finally, There are many awesome movies worth a lot of praise released, but these are the movies. I thought were worth keeping in the list of the top 10 all-time best-animated movies. Some of these movies are having their remakes and sequels released. Aladdin, The Lion King, Frozen being a few of them.

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