It’s not every day you come across a smart person. We often come across people who show off and pretend to be smart but all in vain.  In brief, Their attitude is more condescending, whereas smart people need not prove their smartness. Hence, their comebacks and their body language are enough to prove they are smart. We have picked 10 tips for you to find if a person is smart or just a show-off.

Smart People Notice Small Details:

Usually, Not everyone notices the minor details in everything. People with smart minds are sharper; they notice small and intricate detail about everything around them. This shows that their mind is actively responding to the environment. Every Smart human notices the details and stores them in memory for further convenience. Often in our lives, remembering the minor details about someone, something, or some particular event causes us a big deal. So if you spot a person who notices these details, you’re lucky you came across a smart person.

Tips on Finding Out If Someone Is Smart

They Have A Good Memory:

Not to forget, smart people have a wonderful memory. And by excellent memory. Such people forget nothing. As mentioned above, they notice insignificant details, and they remember them for longer than usual. In particular, they have a photographic memory, the moment they see it. Boom! It’s stored in their memory for a lifetime. Because, People often are very careful around smart people as they can remember things forever, might as well use them in their defense.

They Talk In Facts and Figures:

By the way, Smart people don’t jibber jabber. They talk the real deal; it’s the fact and figure or nothing at all. They don’t speak unless they know they have the facts. It means every smart person focuses on 100% accuracy. Smart people will always have their comebacks at you with facts to make it fair and square. They are certainly not about the small talk; they want to talk about facts and figures to resolve issues and problems.

Tips on Finding Out If Someone Is Smart

They Are Opportunists:

Smart people are opportunists. When they see a good deal, a loophole, or any way out, they grab it. They believe because life is full of opportunities; all it needs is for a person to grab it and make the most of it. They never miss a chance to get their hands on what they believe can give them a worthwhile time. Smart people don’t just sit and whine at why life isn’t helping them out, or why the doors shut on them. They work their way out, and the moment they sense the slightest opportunity to get up and start grinding, they grab it.

They Are Always Trying To Learn More:

Such people never stop learning. No matter how much they age, they are always ready to learn more and new things. They believe that there is no age limit on gaining knowledge. So whether they are at a party or a formal gathering, you will find them engaging in conversations where they are learning instead of engaging in small talk and gossip. This is the reason they are smart because they want to learn, and so they keep on learning.

Tips on Finding Out If Someone Is Smart

They Are Inquisitive:

Smart people have a craving for knowledge, so much so, they are so inquisitive about everything that happens around them. They want to know why, how, and what could have been, about everything. They are curious for answers. They seek information and knowledge in whatever position you put them in. This nature of a smart person often gets him or her in trouble as people find them clingy or nosy.  But professionally, it helps them a lot in their career checklist.

They Are Never Absent Minded:

Smart people are always present, not just physically but mentally. They let nothing slip off their mind. They hear and listen to everything around them. They are never absent-minded; you can catch them and ask them anything point blank, they will hit you back with the wittiest answer you would ever have heard. Their minds are active 24/7. They never zone out.

They Are Very Observant:

Noticing unimportant details and remembering them is one thing, the other good thing about smart people is that they are very observant. They do notice everything and then observe why and how this could be happening about that particular thing. They have their observation about everything, which is why when they are examined in a situation based test, they always come up with the best observation and succeed.

Tips on Finding Out If Someone Is Smart

They Have Their Guard Up:

Such people are always ready for a good argument. They have their guard up, and no matter what question you throw at them, they will give you an equally smarter comeback. It is like they have the answers to all the questions already stored in the back of their mind. They let no one have the chance to catch them off guard, because they are always present, mentally, no matter what they are doing or where they are, they always have a good comeback.

They Can Come Up With Innovative Ideas Easily:

Since smart people are witty and are always seeking knowledge, they are quick in coming up with the best innovative ideas. They have trained their minds in ways to come up with the best solution with the pros and cons already figured out. So whenever they are expected to share their ideas with the meeting or group of friends and family, their idea is the most innovative one. They will just surprise you with how much observation and detail they have to support their idea. All innovative developers around the world are smart people.

Tips on Finding Out If Someone Is Smart

That was just about it! Now you know ayn smart person having the above qualities is for sure a smart pants. Do not forget that smart people are misunderstood to be rude at times, but they are really very humble if you get to know them.

Tell us in the comments if you know any more tips on finding out if a person is smart, we’ll be thrilled to see your response.

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