You wouldn’t have known sleep could be this interesting! Sleep has its perks, so we gathered some rare facts about it to intrigue you with the idea of getting your sleeping schedule right. Take a look at these 10 rare facts about sleep.

Exercise helps you sleep easier:

Facts about sleep

Exercise can make you sleep sound like a baby. It is healthy for your body to engage in some physical exercise as it stretches your muscles, and to soothe them, you rest. The reason why resting after exercise seems so relaxing. If you make it your routine to exercise daily or at night before bed, you can actually boost your sleep quality; you will see it for yourself that you will fall asleep faster. It happens so because your body has exerted, and it requires rest, so when you freshen up after an exercise session and go to bed, you actually sleep very peacefully.

Humans are the only mammals that delays sleep:

Ha! Bet you knew that. We are all animals in terms of nature and science. All animals have their innate behaviors, but since humans are the most specialized mammals, we tend to do the opposite of what our body naturally calls for. All animals sleep, when their body naturally calls for it, they abide by the rules of nature. But for us, humans, we are stubborn, we tend to ignore nature calls and then wonder why everything goes wrong in our lives. It’s a fact that we delay our sleep purposely, although we know the benefits of sleep and the consequences of not having any sleep, yet we still carry on with our unhealthy habits despite having a remarkable brain in all mammals.

Sleep can be disturbed with the altitude rise:

Another fact about sleep. If you have ever noticed yourself, having a hard time to sleep in high altitude places, don’t worry, it’s not only. People have a hard time sleeping or having a disrupted sleep in higher altitude areas because of the reduced level of oxygen. This reduced level of oxygen makes it troublesome for people to sleep, so they usually have less time sleeping when traveling to a high altitude place.

Loneliness can make affect your sleep:

A lot of people, mostly, the ones who desperately need love and care, suffer from insomnia because of loneliness. Loneliness can cause a person to be insomniac. It is a fact that people can sleep faster, and have better quality sleep when they are with someone they love. The warmth of the person they love can make them sleep peacefully. Lonely people, teenagers, divorced, or widowers often experience insomnia because of loneliness.

Eight hours of sleep is not necessary:

Eight hours of sleep is the average amount of sleep that a human body needs. But sleep really depends on the age of the person. For example, teenagers and young youth can have up to 6 hours of good sleep and be all fresh to go. Whereas, old people need a good 11 to 12 hours of sleep to feel fresh and fine. And if we talk about infants, we know they sleep most of their life. They actually need up to 16 hours of good sleep, just an average for a cat. So 8 hours is the standard yardstick, but the limit increases and decreases with age.

Self-imposed sleep deprivation results in excessive sleepiness:

Facts about sleep

The biggest problem in today’s youth is that they stay up all night and self induce insomnia. Because of this self-induced insomnia, they are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation causes severe problems affecting their mental and physical health. This self-imposed sleep deprivation results in excessive sleepiness; these youngsters sleep a lot without actually getting any rest, and wake up tired. The cycle goes on, deteriorating their health.

Seasonal changes in weather can affect your sleep:

Seasons can also affect your sleep big time. Cool-weather helps you sleep faster as compared to warm weather, where your body finds it difficult to sleep. Our bodies naturally feel more comfortable and inclined to sleepiness in cold environments.

You can lose weight by sleeping:

Facts about Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep, going to bed early, and waking up on time can actually set your body in its natural rhythm, which is healthy for you. Once you set your routine to nature’s, you will find a big change in your lifestyle. You will stop putting on any excess weight. You will stop feeling tired and lethargic. Your brain will function at its best; you will be able to focus without distractions. Your diet will get better, and so in turn of all these, you will lose unnecessary weight.

Getting a power nap can energize you:

Another name for a power nap is an energy drink. No joke! Power naps are equivalent to coffee or a red bull. They energize you the same way caffeine does. Having just about 15 to 30 minutes of power nap can refresh you for the whole day. Mostly, workaholics and teenagers rely on power naps as they most stay up all night or either have a disturbed sleep pattern. Their entire sleep depends on power naps. So to energize them, they often take a power nap in the afternoon, and then they are good to go. it’s one of the rare facts about sleep.

We forget 50% of our dreams when we wake up:

Have you ever experienced when you wake up you don’t remember anything you have dreamt, although you know you were dreaming when asleep? It happens when we try to get the additional five more minutes of sleep. Dreams are naturally a mixture of thoughts that are collected in our brains. So when we get to have the extra few minutes of sleep, our brain tries to get rid of the dreams which are just repressed collections of thoughts, which is why we often forget what we have dreamt. At times, we do remember in parts but cannot figure out what the dream was about since more than 50% is erased already.

Our generation is in desperate need of proper and quality sleep. We hope that these facts inspire you to set your routine right and sleep on time to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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