Everyone says I Love You to you now and then. But how many of them mean it? These three words are just words if they are not backed up by actions. And the right actions will prove to you who truly loves you. Check these 10 signs if he is the one who is made for you.

He does not want to change you:

You know he is the one when he does not want to change you. He loves you exactly the way you are. When someone falls in love with you, they will love you for who you are and not change a single thing about you. People who want you to change don’t love you for who you are, they love the version of you they want you to be, which is not originally you. So never settle down for someone who wants to change aspects of your personality. If you have someone who has accepted you with all the flaws and imperfections and loves you as you are without changing you or your imperfections, know that he is the one. He knows that everyone is unique in their own way and that your imperfections make you different from people others.

 Signs That Says He Is The One

The one who respects you:

Respect is the most fundamental foundation of any relationship. If a man respects you, your opinions, your views, your thoughts, your agreements, your disagreements, your work, your life, friends, and family know that he is the one. Respect does not mean it will be visible by manners; it is his behavior and his views about you with or without your presence. He must respect you in front of people or without people. A man who knows how to respect a lady is truly raised right by one. So never let go of a person who respects you.

The one who makes time for you:

We should set priorities straight. If he takes time out for you in his busy schedule, without complaining or as a favor, he is the one. When someone wants to take time out for you, spare even a minute in his tough and busy schedule to text you or call you to let you know. A true gentleman will take out time for you no matter what. He will care for your needs and your wants. He won’t overlook your needs and wants just to satisfy himself. Look for these little signs; if he is man enough to take time out for you to spend time with you, he is the one.

He prays for you:

A Person who truly loves you will pray for you and your wishes. He will do it even without you asking him to pray for you. A good man is in love with you will pray for your well being, your success, and to have you. So if you are seeing someone who genuinely prays for you, know he is truly in love with you.

He uplifts you:

 Signs That Says He Is The One

A genuine lover will uplift you. He believes in you believing in your dreams. He motivates you; he encourages you to do your best. In addition, he is there for you when you have a setback, he uplifts you when you fall on the ground, because he has faith in your efforts. He is a good man and will always have your back if he uplifts you in the time of need and is always supportive of your plans. Never let go of such a person who believes in you and your dreams; very few people actually do that. Many men are intimidated by such women.

If He celebrates your achievements:

A man who truly loves you will celebrate your achievement. He will be proud of your accomplishments, he will support you in thick and thin, and will always be happy for your success. Settle for a man who is happy for you and your achievements. There are many men who are intimidated by successful and ambitious women. They do not want to see women succeeding them. But a man who does celebrate you and your success, he is the one. He truly loves you. Do not let such a man go.

He appreciates your efforts:

A true gentleman will appreciate your efforts. He will believe in your hard work. He will encourage you to put up your best. Such a man is not afraid to show his appreciation and affection, whether he does it in person or in front of everyone. You should know the real people are the ones who are happy for your success. Who are supportive to you, and when you win, they are there to celebrate with you.

He takes care of you:

 Signs That Says He Is The One

Believe it, he is the one if he truly takes care of you. Although taking care should be balanced from both sides, but any man who knows how to take care of you, he is the one. Taking care means not only when he is around when you are sick or not doing well. But also taking care of you when you are fine, for example, he does things right knowing it will please you; He protects you from things that can harm you directly or indirectly when he thinks of you before making any big decision. In the same vein, he takes care of your needs and your wants; he is the one.

If He does not disrespect you, even anger:

This is a very important sign. A man who truly respects you will never disrespect you even if it is in anger. Likewise, People often say things they don’t mean in anger and end up hurting the other person. In addition, If they are sorry for it afterward and never repeat it, then it means they want to be a better person for you. Similarly,  if a man disrespects you and uses his anger as an excuse, and repeats on doing it even after apologizing several times saying he would never do it, he is toxic. It is a warning to let go of such a man. Value a man who chooses not to disrespect you even if he is angry or you guys are arguing.

He loves you, unconditionally:

 Signs That Says He Is The One

In short, Sometimes a man who loves you unconditionally is the man who truly loves you. More often, people only love others with conditions and terms on their backs. But the only who loves you truly will love you with no such conditions, he will always appreciate you, your imperfection, and will always tell you he doesn’t want to change anything about you. He is the one

To sum up, We hope you liked the article. Share your stories with us if you have someone who truly loves you for who you are.

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