if you can keep yourself busy, you can overcome useless thoughts. 2020 has given us a rough patch to cope up with since the start of the year. The worst of all is this Covid-19 Pandemic. All of us are quarantined in our homes our 2020 plans are officially canceled and, there is not much we can do about it. Since we have all this spare time to ourselves, we can actually spend it on something productive by being inside homes.

That it is unnecessary to have a productive routine in this Quarantine. Sure, the time is depressing, but one can make themselves feel better by engaging in things that make them happy.

So we have picked out 10 amazing tasks that you can do in this quarantine to keep yourself busy and productive.


A lot of us are eating too much since this quarantine started. We probably would end up putting on unnecessary weight. This weight gain can be harmful to our health. To avoid gaining weight, you should try exercising. Since you have the whole day to yourself, you can do whatever you like, spare some time and spend it on exercising. Or better yet, do yoga or meditate. This will help you remain fit and also distract your mind from thinking about any depressing thing.


Busy in Painting

If you are into art, dig out your tools and crafts and start doing your art. Paint for starters. This is one good time to paint as you have nothing else to do, no obligations or disturbances. You can paint whenever you want, for however long you want. Those people who always wanted to paint but never gave it a kick-start can start trying now. Make the most of this quarantine.

Read a book:

This quarantine is the holiday season for book lovers. You have so much time to yourself that you can read a lot of books. So grab all those unread books on your shelf that you never got enough time to read and start reading. For those, who had books on their reading lists can use this time to read as well. Recommend a good book to your friends and family as well so they can enjoy it along with you.



Talk about something that you would enjoy doing as much as eating it. Try out new recipes for cooking and baking in this quarantine. Make your own cookbook if you have your own special secret recipes. This time is great for those who don’t know how to cook and always wanted to try it but had no time to. If you are one of them, start using this time and unleash the inner MasterChef in you. By the end of this quarantine, you will have a lot of expertise in cooking and baking. Start with baby steps for starters, and it’s okay if you fail the first time. You will learn from practicing.

Spend time with yourself:

You can have some ME time in this quarantine. Discover yourself, meditate, and focus on your wellbeing. You can have your soul searching at home. Think of your likes and dislikes, your good traits as well as your toxic traits. Ponder upon how you can be of good help to others as well as yourself. Use this time to focus on yourself. Alone time can unleash a lot of deep thoughts in your mind that can help you grow personally.

Learn something you always have wanted to:

You can utilize this time by doing what you always wanted to do. For some people, its art and crafts, for some it’s cooking, or gardening, reading a book, stitching or knitting, etc. There are many things on everyone’s to-listed, but there is always one thing that you want to do the most but never had the will or time to start it, this is your chance to do it.

Binge watch:

Binge Watching

All this free time and no binge-watching yet, what are you saying? Catch up on all the Netflix TV shows you have missed. This is your chance to spend this time ultimately on binge-watching if that is what will keep you happy. Whether it’s TV shows or movies, if you run out of the new ones, you can always rewatch the classics. In case you have never watched them, start watching them now.

Call your friends/family:

In these desperate times, you should not forget to check up on your friends and family. Remember that everyone else is quarantined like you all around the world. Some people might be happy, but others can be struggling. While some are doing fine, others are sensitive to anxiety and depression. So what you can do is call, or video chat your friends and family, to give them company. It will make them feel better. You and they both will have your minds off the anxiety. You can do some old catching up as well, call those friends whom you’d always say you will call but never end up calling because you were too busy too. Now is the time.

Organize your home:

Another good task for you is to organize your home. If being at home too much has made you so bored that you want to go out but can’t because of the current situation. Then what you can do is rearrange your house and start organizing things in your house. For example, organize your closets, makeup, kitchen cabinets, tools, etc. Rearrange your furniture settings. it’s fruitful work to keep yourself busy when you have nothing to. The change will bring a difference in your mood.

Organized Closet

Work from home:

Last but not the least, you can work from home. Some of you must work from home already. But those of you who aren’t, and would like to work because you will be unproductive without working, you can always freelance. Freelancing is the best option for this quarantine, there are a lot of offers out there on the internet, if you are good at something, select your category and start working from home.

Although we all are tensed by the current situation and are praying for it to end as soon as possible. But since we have got this time at our hands, we better make the most of it by putting it to our best use. Tell us in the comments about how you are spending your quarantine at home. Stay home, stay safe! and keep yourself busy to avoid random thoughts.

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