Memorizing your facts and figures? Or having a hard time remembering the grocery items? Say no more!  We have picked 10 ways to teach you how you can make your memory sharper. Yes, that’s right. These 10 ways will guide you on how you can memorize things quicker. So no need to worry about being forgetful now and give it a read.

Clear your head:

Clear your mind when you want to start something fresh, something new. If you plan on memorizing the details, have a clean plate. Just take the example of a full plate, adding more to it will only result in falling off the plate. Similarly, your mind works like that. To remember things or important events, discard useless thoughts. Our brain has a collection of thoughts stored, most of which are not useful so clear your mind from things you don’t need in your life, and start fresh with whatever you want. You will memorize the details more quickly.

ways to memorize

Do one thing at a time:

Avoid multitasking. Yeah, I know, a lot of us find multitasking a skill. But in reality, it causes a lot of distraction, and not giving enough time to one task can cause many mishaps. When you put your mind into one thing at a time, you give it all your attention. Your thoughts revolve around that one particular thing. You can focus on and memorize the details of the task easily. Giving your undivided attention to something can make you remember it for life long. So if you want to memorize things quicker, focus on one thing at a time.

Write it down:

Ways to memorize

Another way of memorizing things quickly is by writing them down. Why do we make grocery lists and things-to-do lists because we forget what we have to buy and do? Writing it down makes it easier for us to remember. Mostly when we make the lists, we automatically memorize it. We don’t even get to check the list then because while writing it down, our brain was storing it in memory. So it helps us. Although we have things written, we don’t get to use the lists as we already have memorized it.

Take notes:

Taking notes is the same as writing. But practice this in school, college, meetings or presentations mostly. Making your own notes by noting down the lectures or speeches will help you a lot in remembering your course. When you make your own notes, you put effort into it; you construct the main body and how you will write it. So for memorizing it, you remember most of it because you were the creator of the notes. Things that you do yourself are always easy to remember and memorize.

Meditate or do yoga:

To have a sharp memory and be able to memorize anything quicker, you need to have your thoughts and mind balanced. Meditating and yoga help this activity. Spare a good 20 minutes of your day to meditate or do yoga, to relax your mind for more clarity; you will focus on things more easily after meditating. Meditation relaxes your mind and makes it easy for you to give attention to things that matter the most.

Ways to memorize

Relative comparison:

Another best way to memorize things quickly is by comparing them with related things. And or relating a new item to something similar to it. When you make connections or links between two similar ideas or thoughts in your mind, you quickly remember all of them by the links that are made. These links help you keep track of what you want to remember. You might think of a simple thing, but the links and connections that you have related to it will jump into another thought and then another, and so the chain goes on. This makes it easier for us to remember things.

Make up scenarios in your mind:

When we are young, we make up scenarios in our minds to explain a single event, and because of that, we would believe we had lived it or seen it in reality when in fact, our minds played the entire part. That is how interesting our brain works. If we make up scenarios in our minds to memorize an event or a task, we will remember it throughout our lives and so vividly as if we have lived it. This is because visualizing things makes it easier for it activates the brain to remember as our photographic memory. So if you want to memorize quicker, imagine the scenario in your head, and you will never forget it.

Make bullet points:

Ways to memorize

The easiest way to remember your notes is to make bullet points. We recommend it to make proper notes so you can understand what you study or gain from the lectures. But you have little time to read the lengthy notes or want to prepare for a quiz or quick trivia. For that purpose, you make bullet points; these bullet points are easy to remember and can click the entire explanation in your mind. This is a pro tip for presentations, objective tests, quizzes, etc. They are brief and easy to memorize.

Study your points:

Sure making bullet points is easy, but if you will present them, know what exactly your point means. So have a thorough study of it. Read about it, and then make bullet points, so you don’t forget any detail. These points only trigger the explanation and details that you have already studied. This makes it helpful for you to remember your notes. Points are easier to memorize, but notes should be understood to remember.

Test yourself:

To find out whether you remember what you have studied for or written, test yourself. You will find out our weak spots and the things you forget. Make connections in your mind with relatable things to remember the points you easily forget; in this way, you will remember them. Test yourself again and again till you have it all memorized on your fingertips. To memorize things and never forget it, know and understand what you read and note down. If you do not understand what you have memorized, you might remember it for the time being, but in the long run, you will eventually forget it. Unless, you have understood it and know what it is, which makes it evident for you to remember it for life.

I hope this article helps you in your school, college, work, or life doing usual chores. It’s not a cup of tea to memorize things quicker, but you can practice making yours a good one by following these steps.

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