Marketing is tricky, but it is easy. You just have to be good with your words. Well, use them to sell anything to anyone by persuading them to buy it. Here are some ways you can try convincing a customer to purchase your product and Sell Anything To Anyone.

  • Don’t sell logic, sell emotions:

First things first, sell emotions. Reach out to your customers by their emotions. The more you emotionally trigger them, the more they would like  your product. Mostly, we buy things because of emotional touch. We justify our purchase logically. But the fact remains the same, it triggered our emotions.

For example, property dealers arouse your emotions by selling you a home and not a house. They trigger your emotions by displaying how good of an environment and ambiance it would be for your children and you. They make you feel homely by showing you emotions and feelings attached to the home. If they were selling a house. They would tell you it comprises such-and-such rooms, and that’s it. But without emotional touch, they might not attract the customers. Have a hold on your customers by making them emotionally drawn to what you sell to them. This is the key step to Selling Anything To Anyone When they develop a feeling or emotional attachment to it. They will buy it. So never sell logic, sell feelings, sell emotions, that is how you can get more customers.


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  • Find emotional triggers and use them wisely:

Just like mentioned above, you have to trigger your customer by selling them emotions. But to make them emotionally drawn to you have to find the emotional triggers. These triggers can be anything. For example, if you want to sell a product related to household like cooking oil, spices, any food item, you can trigger emotions by involving children, old people, family, happiness. These things naturally trigger our emotions, and we are drawn to buying the product. So find the emotional triggers and use them wisely as in use them in such a manner to actually make the customers but them. Can be advertising statements, or the logos, or an emotional message. Sometimes the ads are less related to the product but they are emotional so people are triggered by feelings to go for it. This is the power to use emotional triggers.

  • Use powerful words:

Powerful words are compelling. They compel the customers to buy the products. Make sure you use powerful words in your ads or marketing either by speaking directly to the customer as to why they need to have this product. Your reasons should be compelling with the usage of powerful words that can trigger the customer’s feeling and they are compelled to buy it. Make them feel that they are going to gain so much by purchasing this product, and that there is nothing to lose.

For example, you are selling a pen, don’t just go on explaining its qualities, it mostly bores the customers. Try to trigger them with words that will emotionally trigger them to buy the product. You can be persuasive by telling them this pen can be the reason of your next masterpiece, who know what success it will bring you if you own it. Such compelling imaginary scenes make it hard for the customer to refuse and they end up buying it.

  • Build trust:

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Most important thing in marketing is trust. You have to build trust with your customers so they can rely on you and come back to purchasing from you. You can do that by telling them you are the guarantee, you are giving them surety, whether or not they actually come for it, but these words are powerful enough to make them believe you. They start to trust you, so they’ll come back to buying from you again and again. You can also use the emotional trigger part here as well, emotions play a big role in building trust. Most of the time, sellers emotionally engage the customers into building their trust towards them that eventually compels them to buy the product. Once you have given your surety, the customers feels safe and secure, the trust is automatically built, therefore, they will buy from you.

  • Lead the conversation to your desired outcome:

Once your customer is emotionally triggered, you can lead it to your desired outcome, that is you selling them the product. Make your conversation persuasive enough that they have no other choice but feel like they need it. Make them feel that they are missing out on a good offer that might not come back, and they’ll regret not buying it. Here the conversation is leading to your desired outcome, the customer contemplates whether or not to buy it. They feel like they need it but obviously the logical thinking also interferes, so try using persuasive words like this is a one time offer. This may be the deadline or the the last chance to buy it, these words compel the customer to feel the need of the product and they buy it. Your desired outcome.

  • Convince them they don’t want it, but need it:

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Customers mostly purchase when they want something, and at times it is hard for them to want a thing you are trying to sell. If you are good at marketing, you will try to convince them in ways by using powerful words and emotional triggers that you need this item, you just don’t want it but you need to have it. When you convince them enough with s compelling comprehension, they will be drawn to purchasing it because of the feeling that they might really need this item, whether or not they do, but it’s a way to sell more. You have to get under your customers skill by making them change their wants into needs. And once you need something you definitely gotta buy it, there are no second guesses in it.

Such ways on how to sell anything to anyone are helpful in sales, advertisement and marketing. Many sellers make the most of them to buy things they apparently need because they were convinced that they do. It’s a tricky but a persuasive way of marketing. If you have more ways, let us know in the comments section below.

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