Can Anyone admit it?  We Feel laziness sometimes in our life. It could because of the low tendency or due to some sort of disenchantment when we don’t want to do anything. We often find ourselves lying in bed doing nothing but thinking. It wastes our productive time. This is just one aspect. We have all had our fair share of lazy days. who doesn’t like just resting comfortably and binge eating and simply watching shows or sleeping? But for some kinky people its a lifestyle. They start to live with the idea that whatever work they have to do will get done eventually. So they don’t need to jump or work right now. In doing so, they hinder their work progress but also adopt the habit of putting things aside.

Once you start escaping from duties, you will have a difficult time doing anything. You will feel lazy, tired and demotivated to do anything. And in the long run, it only ruins your very own life. Don’t you think laziness ruins your life ? Well, you’re wrong!
Here are some of the reasons how laziness could be ruining your life without you realizing it!


Muscle Shrinking

laziness causes muscle shrinking

You might not know this, but even two weeks of simple laziness can affect your muscles to a great degree. Muscle atrophy occurs in people that lead sedentary lives. They lose muscle fibers and muscles rapidly and lose overall strength. So, if you live a very couch surfer life, include some activities in your day-to-day life to keep those muscles working properly.


Low Stamina

laziness decreases stamina

Another big issue with being lazy is that it will wear you down more easily. Simple tasks and ordinary situations will seem much more difficult and a hassle because you won’t have enough strength or stamina to continue on with work. This happens since your body isn’t working enough, losing muscle, and wasting energy and power on things that are not needed.



laziness ruins BMI

Even though a lot of debate has been done on this topic, obesity isn’t completely ruled out by the scientific community to be a result of being lazy. However, being lazy alters a lot of brain responses and dopamine level activity which causes side effects like obesity. However, if a person takes a poor diet or a high-level fatty diet with no or less exercise whilst also living a sedentary life, such a person will have more chances of becoming obese, which affects one in a lot of ways and may even lead to secondary health issues if proper measures and treatments aren’t taken. Best way to avoid this problem is to maintain a balance between work and rest and to keep a diet that is full of all the required nutrients without binge eating.


Diabetes, Heart, and Lung Disorders

laziness ruins health

Diabetes and heart disease also occurs when a person loses musculature by poor dietary and living choices. If a person continues to be lazy and avoid eating at all costs, they will lose muscle rapidly leading to many heart disorders as well as breathing disorders. Similar is the case when one eats or binges too much food while not doing much active work, letting the body turn the food into more fats than glucose and store it in the body. Fat deposits take a lot of energy to burn, and with less to no muscle movement, it remains stored deep within the tissues for a long time and only accumulates further if the lifestyle continues.


Bad Academic Performance

laziness ruins academics

This is especially a big problem for our youth. Young kids and adults have the world at their fingertips, which has removed most of the prospects of doing hard work or labor. Modern technology has played it’s a fair share in adding to the lazy culture by promoting ease and excitement. But as it engrosses us in our phones, we see kids showing poor academic results. They don’t know simple things or struggle with the most basic of concepts. All because they waste their time doing nothing. Nothing interests them study wise, and they only become stupider and stupider than time progresses without remorse.


Married Life

laziness ruins married life

Not just married life but relationships, in general, are affected badly because of being lazy. Imagine now being able to get up or get dressed to meet someone that you love or care about? Just because you’re lazy, you don’t check up on people that matter in your life. That not only promotes damaging relationships but also causes a person to become alone and afraid, plunging him into a dark void of depression. This the way laziness ruins your life.


Memory Loss

laziness ruins memory

Brain degeneration or neuronal degeneration is also a common occurrence when one leads a sedentary or lazy lifestyle. As the brain is not being used for productive work, it gradually slows down its activities, causing a lot of nervous related issues like a speech impediment, memory loss, freezing of facial muscles or even blindness and coordination issues, which can seriously affect someone’s life! Especially young adults that willingly choose to live this way. This can also increase the onset of dementia at a very early age. Another way by which laziness ruins your life.




Even though life is tough on us, it’s not a good idea to indulge in a lifestyle that only causes more harm than good to us. You might not like to hear it or know about it, but your actions do have consequences. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and accept them and make necessary changes to live a good life. You cannot blame anyone but yourself for choosing to live in a way that is harming your mind and body. You need to maintain the perfect balance between living healthy and happy while also enjoying some things with a little fun.

There are many ways to do so. You just have to be willing and caring enough of yourself to try to make a difference. We all want to be successful, and success comes at the hands of work, so there is no escaping it. So, do not give up, do not lie down on the couch for days and do not partake in a lifestyle that can and will slow you down or hinder you from your growth! I will repeat this again, Laziness ruins your life.

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Aimun is an in born writer and a critical thinker who enjoys nature, food and deep conversations about life. Aimun has written blogs for many national and international firms. She loves to engage with her audience and allows them to understand complex concepts in a simple way. She has achieved alot in small age and is on her way to becomming the writer of her dreams.