Some people pack a day or two  before leaving, some pack a week before leaving, while some pack on the eleventh hour. Whichever person you are in all these three categories of people, you will tend to forget important items no matter what. There are pros and cons to both early and late packers. Early packers pack before the due date that they forget what they have actually packed, so in that process, they often leave out a few items. While late packers pack only in panic, and who gets anything ever done right in panic and hurry, so they have a major chance of leaving the essentials behind. Packing for traveling can be a big fuss, no doubt. But we have prepared a travel checklist for you.

Most of the time, we have our essentials all packed, but we miss out on minor things that are so important and needed. To avoid this situation, we have this article especially made for you guys to checklist all your essentials while packing. This will help you out. Take an idea from this article and make your own checklist, then pack accordingly. Pretty sure, you won’t leave out anything then. We have listed all the essentials into the following categories so it is easy for you to sort out what yo pack and what not to. Take a look!


Essential Documents

essential docs in travel checklist

This category includes all your essential documents like ID cards, passports, visas, boarding pass, credit cards, cash, license, wallet, phone, and keys. These are you essential things that you must have because obviously without them you won’t be able to travel. Make a checklist of these items, set them aside, and pack them in the end so you don’t forget to leave any of the mentioned items. The reason for packing them, in the end, is to remember what you need to have in your hand or your purse, the rest of the stuff will go into the luggage which you don’t have to worry about, but these items will be in your hand for boarding identification and emergency.




Your apparel is the most common and apparent packing category. But you still need to make a list of what you will pack with yourself so you can remember what you have. Most of the time, we overpack with clothes. It is better to have packed selected but suitable clothing that serves your outfits in multiple ways. For example, your clothing category should have a dress, one or two pairs of jeans, tee shirts, collar shirts, pullovers, sweaters, socks, sleepwear, and the most important of all, undergarments. Have a few pairs of undergarments packed with yourself for emergency cases. They won’t take that much space anyway.

How can we forget to mention socks? Socks should also be taken in a few pairs depending on what kind of shoes you will pack. You make your own list of clothing depending on your travel destination. If it is a warm place, you sure won’t be needing any sweaters, but shorts and tee shirts. So make your own apparel list.

clothes and shoes in travel checklist



Shoes should be packed according to your travel destination. For a normal traveling journey, you must have the essentials like a pair of sneakers, sandals, and trainers. In case you are going to the beaches, then pack a pair of flip flops and open sandals. If it is a winter travel destination, then pack a pair of boots, long or short, uggs. Your shoes depend on your traveling destination. Just remember to pack a pair extra in case your sandals rip apart or your sneakers get wet.



hygiene travel bag

This one is a must add to your travel checklist. The hygiene category includes all the items that are needed for your basic hygiene. Although, if you are staying at a hotel, you are given most of the products having your own packed is safer and better for you as you cannot trust anything with your skin and basic hygiene. However, this list includes towels, shampoos, soap, hand sanitizer, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, shaving kit, sunblock, perfume, nail clipper, toothbrush, toothpaste, tweezers, wipes, makeup, sanitary pads, tampons, etc. The list can go on as you like, make sure you have all your basic hygiene stuff packed in one bag so you know where everything is and you don’t have to look for them.



handbags and jewelry

Accessories are those items that you carry in your handbag or the most easily convenient bag you can carry. These items include neck rest for your plane travel or bus travel, sunglasses, reading glasses just in case, earphones, earplugs, notepad, pen, water bottle, jewelry, hat, belt, wet wipes, pocket mirror, eye masks, hand sanitizer, clutch. Make a list of all the accessories that you need to carry with you. They can be sorted in the luggage or your handbag,



appliances you may need

The most important category is appliances. Honestly, we all forget a thing or two, sometimes overall category to pack. This section includes all the electronics that you must have on your travel bag, these are chargers of all devices, hairdryer, travel straightener or curling iron, or one that can serve as both, universal adapter, travel iron, headphones, batteries, camera, laptop, your phone, drone, memory cards, travel kettle. The list should be made according to your appliances, whatever things you want to take, mark them down and check them out once you have packed them.



medicine in travel checklist

Also, another important category on your travel checklist is medicine. This includes all the basic medicine and first aid supplies, which you must carry with yourself wherever you go for an emergency. These include pain killers, antiseptics, alcohol wipes, tablets for digestion or constipation, medicine for nausea or sickness, antiallergics, band-aids, gauzes, thermometer, diabetic medicines, or insulin shots. If possible pack your travel size blood pressure device as well.




Extras are those items that you may or may not want to carry. They are just for your entertainment and convenience. They include an eye mask, travel towel, padlock, book or a magazine, some snacks. All of these need to have a place in the travel checklist.



These are the categories of your travel checklist, have them on your list depending on your travel destination. Pack accordingly to that, and do not forget your passports, ID, and tickets. Let us know in the comments what you have on your travel checklists.

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